ALFAOBD to delete Active grill shutters?

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Oct 23, 2014
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Hemi 5.7 VVT
Truck got hit by a flying tonno cover and smashed the grille/cracked the active grille shutter frame. I pulled it and checked the motor (no slats were popped out) and the motor sounded like it was clicking and very easy to move... perhaps something broke inside? I want to delete the active grille shutter completely and thought about moving the motor out of the way and doing the AGS mod to keep the PCM happy... however I keep throwing codes for the AGS so I assume the motor itself is shot causing the code. If the motor is bad It won't ever stop and thats why I keep getting the code so there is no point in trying to relocate the motor if its the problem. I have reset and played with the AGS a few times and it buys me a few days to a week or so. Annoyingly you can't get the motor by itself and the whole system is like $500-800... and I don't even want it. Once the code is tripped and I get the check engine light I lose my ability to remote start the truck which can be a PITA when its 0*F outside. This AM it went off again on my way to work and I've had enough. Since my truck is a 2018 I picked up the security bypass harness and the recommended blue tooth dongle. I wanted to purchase the ALFAOBD app for an old android tablet or I can do it for my windows 10 computer.

My question is has anyone deleted the AGS system with ALFAOBD? I can't find anything via search on this forum or google... most get it deleted "in a tune" or remote mount the motor and do the AGS mod. Has anyone done it and how did you do it? Scared to be poking around in ALFAOBD in my daily.