AWD, TC, and Limited Slip

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Dec 24, 2020
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Given we are getting rare rain So Calif, I'm wondering how well my new Ram selectable AWD system works on wet pavement (compared to a sole full time AWD system, like Subaru, where all 4 tires are always driven). That got me thinking about relation between Ram AWD, traction contol, and limited slip. Questions:
1) When in AWD and one of the rear tires slips, which happens first: AWD sends power to the front axle, or TC sends brake pulse to slipping rear tire? Both, simultaneously?
2) When in AWD and front axle is powered (because rear slippage sensed), and one front tire slips, does TC send brake pulse to slipping front tire? Does TC function on front?
3) When in 4Hi (and power being sent to front and back, regardless of traction), does TC function on front (if slippage sensed)?
4) Regardless of transfer case mode, when rear slippage sensed, what happens first - limited slip reduces torque to slipping side, or TC applies brake to slipping side? I think both happen independently, at same time.