Brand new build, P0344

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Apr 18, 2015
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Greetings! I've been building my '07 ram for the past couple of years as time and funds permit. Bored/stroked to a 399c.i. (6.5L), Molnar balanced forged crank and H beam rods, CP pistons, cammed (crower custom grind), eagle heads, .070" cometic head gaskets, hellcat lifters, aftermarket valve springs, King main and rod bearings, Melling HD oil pump, 85mm throttle body, 6.1L injectors, long tubes, no cats, MDS/EGR/rear O2 delete, 11.25:1cr. I recently fired it for the first time and it ran like crap (of course - no tune). I paid a guy to do a remote tune with HP Tuners. He gave me a base tune that allowed me to idle the engine, but it started throwing a P0344 code and we noticed a lot of misfires on cylinder #1. I replaced the cam position sensor with no change. Did a cam/crank sensor relearn with no change. Swapped the #1 coil with #3 - no change. I can turn the injector for #1 cyl off with no felt change in the rough idle, but can feel a change if I turn off any other injectors. I ran out of time tonight to swap injectors, but that is next. I will also be going to the local dodge stealership for OEM cam and crank sensors. The ones I have are original to the engine. I have checked reference and ground on the cam sensor harness. Can't check signal - don't have an o-scope. I looked in the cam sensor hole and noticed the cam tone ring holes are off center... not sure if that is expected. Pic attached. I'm about ready to take this thing to someone and have them fix it, but I know I will regret that. I have read on multiple other forums that some people have changed their oil and got rid of the P0344 code - I don't see it, but I am running Royal Purple break in oil. I'm hoping someone here has run into a similar issue or has some knowledge to sprinkle. Can't continue with the tune until the code is cleared. I have an HPTuners MPVI3+ with pro link cable and an AEM 30-0310 WB as well as a Launch x431 bi-directional scanner if anyone wants me to look at something. Just let me know and I will do my best. I appreciate any light you guys can shed on this.


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