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EGR Cooler Recall Status

Discussion in 'Dodge Ram Eco Diesels' started by blahargoue, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. blahargoue

    blahargoue Junior Member

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    Mar 9, 2020
    Arnold, CA
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    Just thought I'd put out a quick update on this recall. I received my 3rd notice from Ram about the recall on my 17 Laramie. The last two advised my that parts are available and to arrange for repairs. I have been putting off for a while now so I called my dealer, Elk Grove Ram in CA.

    I had to laugh when I spoke to my service Rep. She said she wished that RAM never put out a mailer saying replacement parts are available. She said they are receiving 1 repair kit per dealer per week. She said they have 450 on back order just at their dealership. They are currently only taking in vehicles with failed EGR coolers and anticipate not having enough parts to complete the recall for at least another year or so. She said if she would bump me up to the top of list if mine fails.

    I called a couple of other dealers in my area and got the same story.

    Oh well.... no sign of trouble yet so I guess I'll put another 70k miles on it before it gets repaired.

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