Quality built transmissions? Any input on who to go with? 2017 ram 2500 6.4 66rfe

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Aug 27, 2022
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Western Montana
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Anyone know it there have any built transmissions ? My trans hasn’t quite given out yet but, it’s a matter of time. Went into limp mode got stuck in 4th. Shut the truck off and restarted it and was fine. Has recently shifted kinda funny when I got on it hard. 103k. I love the truck except the trans.
I spoke to a guy here in Montana and he said he won’t even work on those transmission anymore because of how crappy they are. I know I could probably put a new valve body on it and solenoid along with the thermo upgrade but from the research I’ve done it seems like a better option just to buy a built transmission from a dealer.
I came across ATS diesel in CO that sells a trans from stage 1- stage 4 upgraded. I am gonna go through the engine in the near future and do an overhaul on the engine and valves along with a cam. I don’t plan on getting crazy with it maybe another 100hp out if it.
Does anyone on here have a built trans in the rig I have? What company did you go through? I’m just turning my truck into a welding rig mainly and for towing the toys around.