Towing without WDH, Timber Grove?

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Oct 18, 2017
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Mid left coast - Oregon
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I can't recommend the air lift 1000. They are not shocks, they are just bags they stuff in between the coils to make it harder for them to compress. You can't put more air in them and then lift the truck (for example), or remove air and have the truck squat.

I had them and found the unloaded ride quality to be more jarring even at the recommended min 5 psi. That may not matter to you, just depends on how much you want to keep that stock feel.

I'd also avoid Timbrens. We have reports of cracked frames right where the timbrens contact the frame, they basically transform a soft cushy suspension into something like a rock that hits your frame hard over and over again causing stress/fracture.

I'll never run any suspension helper on my truck again. If I can't fix my issue with a WDH then I'm in the wrong truck. However in your case, the timber grove asam might be the best option (or other true air shocks, not ones that sit in the coil like the air lift 1000).
I have the opposite feedback about the air lift 1000. Loved them for 10 years. Lifted and leveled 1500 Laramie ED. Worked well for my use.