transmission solenoid

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Jan 19, 2024
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virginia. chesapeake
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cumins 6.7
I need help with my truck RAM 2014 3500 6.7, a while ago we started to have issues with the truck going to limp mode , after checking codes i reilase that it was a miscommunication from the TCM after looking for the issue i found out that the wiring harness on the driver side had a repair made on one of the cable , sure enough someone just twist them together and put electric tape around it , i fix it by soldering the cables , limp-mode never went off after that , we started to get codes for egr,dpf, def. this was no mistery since the truck was deleted before i purchase it , after getting the tuner and the program now all those codes went away only one problem remains , there is a solenoid that its not getting enough voltage to function properly the TC is P2720 , after finding this i took it to a shop where they where able to find a solenoid to replace mine i also got the pump and the wiring that goes inside the transmissionq2 , after that the problem still remains with the same solenoid D im pretty sure that the problem is electric instead of the part being broken but i wanted to know your opinion about this