check engine light

  1. D

    DEF? Check engine light only

    2018 RAM Diesel with 32,000 miles on it. Check engine light comes on. I take it to Advance Auto for a code read. They said it was a error with the DEF - which is what I expected since it was time to add. I add 2 gallons. Asked them to clear the code they said they are not permitted to. I take it...
  2. J

    Check engine light after spark plug changed

    Truck was running fine, but was overdue for spark plug change. Pulled all of them yesterday and put new ones in. Used Autolite Double Platinum plugs gap .44. After getting all of them put back, started the truck and check engine light was on, and you could tell it was misfiring something. Didnt...
  3. A

    2014 Ram 2500 5.7 Hemi knocking in engine

    Hey everyone, I bought a 2014 Ram series with around 111,000 miles on it in Michigan (Truck originally came from Idaho as a government forestry truck) . After I left the dealership that I bought it from I loaded my car up on a car dolly and hooked it up to my truck to haul home. Well, I got...
  4. B

    Fuel Sensor Fail... should I fix it?

    I have a 2014 Ram 1500 with just under 60k miles on it. A couple weeks ago the check engine light came on, followed by a Fuel Sensor Fail warning. Took it into the shop today and they quoted me $1,200 to replace the fuel pump. I've read other threads on here where guys just fill up their tank...
  5. D

    Check engine light still on after replacing cap

    2017 Ram 3.8 L V6 120K Miles I recently had the check engine light come on, I replaced the cap and reset the code. a couple days later it came back on. When I went to get the truck inspected they said the Purge valve was bad and needed to be replaced. So I did it. Check engine light is still on...
  6. A

    Check Engine light for active grill shutters, fan always on and loud

    Hey guys, I have a 2019 Dodge Ram with the 3.6l v6. I just woke up one morning to a check engine light. I had a computer hooked up to the obd and it threw a AGS (active grill shutter) code. I pulled everything apart and the AGS along with the whole aero system seemed to be perfectly fine. I...
  7. M

    Lightning bolt and check engine light

    2017 ram 1500 3.6l v6 Check engine light with codes P2172, P0108, P0175, p0172, p1dd2 RED LIGHTING BOLT!!! I’m looking for any suggestions to help fix this problem, thank you so much to anyone who decides to reply, I’m new to the forum and happy to be here! Thanks
  8. Williamw

    Check engine truck bogs out m

    Check engine came on slowing down for a red light, green came on and when I accelerated the truck just sat there and literally took 15-20 seconds to go past 4 mph and this popped up. Anyone know anything? Thanks in advance. Also throws a modulator something code.
  9. M

    Check Engine Light cause and effect

    I have a question about how the CEL effects the engine and not so much about the cause: Cause - I had a supercharger and exhaust installed recently and they had to remove the Active Shutter Grill to fit the intercooler. Shortly after I got my truck back I had the CEL. It was P1D73 which...
  10. K


    Hi every one I have a 2015 Ram 1500 5.7 with an 8 speed. About 6 months ago I replaced the fuel sending unit because the original fuel level sensor went out on me. Shortly after I got a new code pop up P0463 if I remember right, so I replaced the fuel pressure sensor. About 3 months go by and no...
  11. B

    '18 ram 1500 check engine light

    I had to have my battery recharged at the local auto parts store and after putting it back into the truck my check engine light came on and won't go off. I will take it to the store to ask for some help but wanted to ask if anyone else ran into a similar problem?
  12. A

    Sensors Not Ready

    Hopefully you can point me in the correct direction. I have a 2008 Ram 1500 Laramie 5.7. Last year I had a check engine light and it turned out to be EVAP System. I took it in for repair after trying the usual things (gas cap, new gas cap, etc.) Turns out there was a leak in a line that was...
  13. rubes7202

    U11E9 Error Code will not go away - AGS

    Hi All, So I keep getting this stupid U11E9 error message. I took my truck to the dealer and they tested the Active Grill Shutter and it worked fine. They cleared the codes and sent me on my way. 24hrs later the same error message is popping up again. So I am taking it back to the dealership...
  14. RustyRamFan

    TroubleShooting Electrical Codes

    Hey guys, I got a 1991 Dodge Ram 4x4 with a 318 engine and a 241D automatic Transmission. So I dont know nothing about electrical troubleshooting, and I'd like to learn alot more. I don't want my truck to blow up! Plus the ladies dont like seeing check engine lights, I think it ruins the...
  15. B

    ETC light came on, then my truck stalled out

    My 2010 Dodge Ram has had a check engine light on for a few weeks now. The other day it started acting weird and I noticed the ETC light and battery indicator were flashing. I pulled into a gas station to investigate and the engine started smoking. I popped the hood and noticed the engine...
  16. K

    Check engine light but no related codes

    Hello. I just bought a 2016 Eco diesel in December with 38k miles on it. About a week ago, maybe 10 days now, my check engine light came on so I swung by an O'reillys to get the code read and their reader couldn't pull up any codes. It showed that the check engine light was lit up, but couldn't...
  17. jlyalls

    2012 Ram 5.7L Replaced OCM but code still shows up after unhooking battery

    Hey guys, I started getting a check engine light and had Autozone scan for me and it brought up certain codes that suggested the OCM (Oil control module) needed to be replaced. The truck has roughly 134,000 miles. So I removed the intake manifold and replaced the OCM with a newer one. You...
  18. RamItFaster

    Check Engine Light

    Have had this truck less than 2 months and only put 3,400 miles on it. Already a frickin Indicator. What's worse for me is there is no code or "Message" on my dash, so I have no idea how to Reset it to see if it comes on again, any tips???
  19. R

    Fault Code U4121

    I can’t find what this fault code is but I think it’s linked to the following symptoms: When it starts and it's cold, the symptoms are: • Windshield wipers constantly running at normal speed: not adjustable or stoppable. • Steering wheel controls don't work. • Seat heaters don't work. •...
  20. rubes7202

    Getting a P2016 error Code after running Pedal Commander?

    2015 RAM 1500 SPORT 4X4. 50K Miles. I have been running the pedal commander (PC31) for a week with no problems. All of a sudden the check engine light comes on and i am getting the error code P2016. Is this related to the Pedal Commander? P2016: Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch...
  21. V

    2019 Ram — The check engine light turn on

    Hi! Just one week after buy our new Ram Diesel 6.7 ******* motor the check engine light turning on when the tank is full. ‍♀️ Any idea??? Help!!
  22. Wally604

    P3425 Fault Code Troubleshooting help please!

    Hey, first post (it’s a long one), so I’ll do my best to provide all the information I have. I have a 2010 1500 5.7L Hemi. Since I bought it I’ve had the Diablo Predator hooked up to lowest or middle setting. No problems (except when my recalled driveshaft fell off in Montana, and a problem with...
  23. G

    2008 Ram Dash Light warnings flashing with no codes

    I have a 2008 Ram 1500 5.7 Big Horn edition. My TPM, check engine, abs, parking brake, check gauges, and tire pressure warning lights all come on at the same time and the speedometer and the tack drop down to zero. Square boxes also appear around all of the gear indicators above the mileage...
  24. M

    Check engine light after oil change

    Need some advice on if I should take my truck into the shop, or if there’s a solution I can solve on my own. I did an oil change about three weeks ago. As I was driving home from work I got a sudden oil pressure warning and the check engine light came on simultaneously. I was close to home, so...
  25. R

    1990 dodge ram D250 question

    I'm thinking about buying a 1990 dodge ram D250 and the engine maintenance light came one for him and he took the bulb out because it was starting to get annoying, and before I buy It I want to check for engine codes with the ignition ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON trick but I'm worried about what light that...