1. G

    Head light quad to dual conversion

    I recently purchased headlights from amazon. They said they were compatible with the original quad set up. I opened the box to find they use dual halogen bulbs. Is there, or can I use LED bulbs that work as a dual "filament" set up? I currently have the Fahren H11 and 9005 in my 2011 Ram 1500...
  2. OEDRO Auto Parts

    Introduction From OEDRO

    Hello everyone, We are OEDRO, founded in 2012, is one of the leading online shops offering auto parts, specializing in floor mats, bumpers, tonneau covers, running boards, storage boxes, headlight assembly, LED light bars, etc. mainly for Dodge Rams, Jeep Wranglers, Ford F-series trucks, and...
  3. KrazyLegz

    2017 1500 More lighting and electrical issues

    Howdy Everyone, I have been looking at older posts and trying to figure out what the common issue has been with my truck acting similar to others and totally different with others. Here is a rundown of the issues and what has been tested. 2017 1500 Big Horn with Halogen lights from factory. I...
  4. R

    Headlight Gremlins!! Need assistance

    Hey y'all, this is the first place I knew to go since I've checked countless threads and could not find this exact issue anywhere. Below I have 4 pictures. Two of the passenger side w/ and without high beam. And the same for the drivers side. My year is 2018 V6 Tradesman. The drivers side...
  5. Z

    2010 laramie 1500 light upgrades

    Hello. I've seen a few posts on these forums that mention a lot of info, too much. My brain shuts down. I was hoping that someone could keep it simple for me as I'm not very mechanically inclined. I'm looking for light upgrades for my hi beam, low beams, and fog lights. The halogen's just...
  6. G

    Lightbar HighBeam wiring

    Hello guys, I have a lightbar to install on my 2013 ram 1500 sport (projector headlights). I want the lightbar to come on with the high beam headlights. I have a wiring harness from auxbeam (JD1912 relay). The harness has 3 wires on the end for a switch (Blue, White, Black). The Blue wire will...
  7. T

    Best LED fog lights?

    Hey everyone! Bought a 2016 ram 1500 a couple years ago that had a few upgrades done to it by the previous owner. My left fog light went out and looking to replace both. I crawled up underneath and the guy had put OPT 7 lights in but it looks like they discontinued making fog lights. Is there a...
  8. J

    Turn signal errors after LED headlight bulb install

    I installed LED high & low beam bulbs in the factory halogen housings, and enabled the LED option for both in AlfaOBD. Took a few days for the headlight errors to stop occurring, but I've been getting front & rear turn signal errors ever since, and I can't seem to figure out what's up. All turn...
  9. K

    LED Upgrades Experiences - Good & Bad

    I wanted to share some specific experiences I have personally had with LED upgrades and I believe a thread summarizing other people's experience could be valuable. As I'll describe below, I have some experience using two different brands and while I'm very happy with my lights, it would have...
  10. B

    I want LED bulbs for my Ram 2500 and need help from the pros choosing the best brand!

    I own a 2014 Ram 2500 Laramie with projector headlights. I like the look of the stock headlights and fog lights on this truck but want to change the bulbs to LED. My dad owns a 2019 ram 1500 Limited and I love the color and output on his bulbs. Obviously I will never obtain the same quality but...
  11. DestroyerRam

    Alpharex Luxx or Alpharex Nova

    Hi. I need some help in making a decision. Alpharex Luxx or Alpharex Nova. Just wondering why so few of you have the Nova when the Nova are supposed to be slightly better.
  12. Learylax3r

    2019 aftermarket LED Taillight bulb issue

    My friend purchased some LED Taillight bulbs from Diode Dynamics and while they worked originally, the tail light function stopped working. The brake lights still illuminate just fine. I helped him with the install because I have AlfaOBD. He has the security bypass module and other swapped LEDs...
  13. K


    Looking to get LEDs for my highs, lows, and fog lights. I have a 2014 1500 with the projector headlights. Any kind of suggestions or advice is appreciated!
  14. C

    Led bulb instalation issues

    I purchased a set of hi and low led bulbs for my ram as they were advertised for ram i have a 2020 ram 1500 classic with a 5.7l the headlights the bulbs are going into are alpharex pros originaly halogen bulbs the bulbs i purchased are not h7 so the didnt fit the conectors on the alpharex i did...
  15. Underground Lighting

    Black Friday Sale Is Now Live Save Up To 20% All Orders!

    Its that time of the year again, when you can get huge saving on all your lighting needs! Enjoy 15% Off all orders or 20% off all orders over $300 Our Kits are Plug and Play Error and flicker free for all Ram Trucks. Need help finding the right Lights for your truck message us we are here...
  16. umbighouse

    4th Gen Ram 1500 bulb sizes

    I have AlphaRex Pro headlights (ModifyStreet from Amazon). I need to replace some bulbs and wanted to make sure I get the right size. From the info I found, the Amazon listing shows the bulb size for both low & high as H7. Anyone else have these headlights and replace the bulbs?
  17. NY Andrew

    Tazer Setting to LED?

    Had Tazer installed for a long time and never messed with the LED options for 3rd brake light and tail lights. I’ve swapped both to LEDs a long time ago and only issue was 3rd brake light has died once on me. What is the benefit of enabling the LED option on the Tazer for both those lights...
  18. R

    Issue with LED rear turn signals.

    Hello everyone, I had my LED factory tail lights go out and decided to replace them with aftermarket ones. Everything works fine, the truck is configured for LED already but I still get turn signals (both sides) out. But they physically do work normal. Here is the error code I keep getting on...
  19. J

    Alpha Rex led

    Hey guys, I’m turning to you guys in hope that maybe someone might know the answer to this issue I’m having with my new alpha ex headlights on my 4th gen truck. just picked these up two days ago from Amazon and installed and swapped over my leds and I’m getting a weird light pattern and I’m not...
  20. R

    Inverting factory projector to dual/quad headlights

    Hey all, I believe this to be possible but I thought I'd see if anyone else has already tackled it based on how limited light selection can be between factory projector setups and quad/dual setups. Is there already a harness or setup to allow a factory projector to convert to a quad/dual setup...
  21. Jwilzz

    Driver side running lights not working

    Hello everyone! I really need some help with this. I recently went to hook up an aftermarket LED strip for the bottom of my tailgate as a brake,reverse,turn signal light and it caused my driver side running lights to stop working. Bulbs are all fine, and all the fuses seem to be fine as well...
  22. P

    Dodge Ram 5.7 2019 LED lights LUMENS ratings.... help please!

    Hello all, hope you are keeping safe & well. I'm after some help please. I have a Dodge Ram, 5.7 1500 2019 pick up. trying to register this onto UK plates. Its failed the IVA as I cant tell them what lumen rating the lights have. I know they are the factory fitted ones, I know the part no is...
  23. rixter99

    Possible non-resistor LED fix for Rear lights...

    Found this video that talks about connecting a green/white wire to ground to fix hyper-flashing after replacing rear light bulbs with LEDs...It mentions it's for 2015 Cab Chassis and instructions on what to do with 2014 models (around the 58 seconds mark)... On my 2014 3500 SLT LWB SRW, I...
  24. Barney556180

    LED Turn Signal Install Problem

    Hello all, I installed a pair of 3157 LED Tail/Turn/Brake bulbs along with 50w 6 ohm resisters on my 2014 BH. Everything works correctly on the passenger side with no errors. However the identically installed driver side has issues that don't make sense to me. The LED blinks at the normal...
  25. OnSale

    AlphaRex "Luxx" Series... anyone have them? Looking for reviews.

    I have tried to search on youtube, but every damn video i find is of the original Pro series, or the G2 switchback series and all of them are the halogen projectors. I have found a couple with the 4 led 'ice cube' projectors but i still cant find a single youtube install video or review video...