1. R

    Will aftermarket 17 inch rims fit on a 2020 Ram 1500 Classic?

    I've got the stock 17x7 wheels and am looking to get aftermarket 17" wheels and bigger tires. What aftermarket wheel specs do I need to look for that won't interfere with the brakes or anything else? Also without having to use any spacers. Thanks!
  2. R

    Need help choosing suspension components and wheels/tires

    I apologize in advance for the noob questions.. I have a stock 2020 Ram 1500 Classic but I want the front to be level with the rear. At first, I thought about getting a leveling kit, but the more I read about those, the more I want to stay away from them. I think I will get some Bilstein 5100...
  3. SugaryClapz

    Wondering what would be the best tires in snow/all terrain for stock 20 inch rims?

    My tires at almost still have some tread on them but need to be replaced soon. I was wondering what would be the best tires for snow or all terrain on a 20 inch rim with stock suspension/rake. Tire size now is: 275/60R20 (RIDGESTONE)
  4. A

    Need Your Help!! 20x8 stock rim: 295/65r20... Too Wide???

    I've been tirelessly researching what size tire to go with on my 2016 1500 Big Horn. 3" lift, stock 20x8 rims. I was really wanting to go with the 295/65r20 (35.1" x 11.6") but was told tires will cup as they're too wide for the rim. Wife won't let me buy new wheels, so I'm stuck with fitting...
  5. M


    Hi everyone New to the forum. I have a 2022 Ram 1500 Big Horn 4x2 with the 5.7L not lifted or leveled I have the stock 275/55R20 tires and want to upgrade. Anyone running 275/60R20 tires on stock wheels? Thanks Mark

    The Impossible Tire Question

    So I have asked everyone at every tire shop I could talk to. I have posted on various forums through the years, but it seems as though no one has an answer... I am in the market for tires again. The tires that came on the truck were crap after a couple thousand miles. I replaced them with...
  7. GrandpaBob

    Actual tires don't match sticker on new RAM...?

    So, I just bought a new 1500 Limited Elite and am loving it. Spending this much on a truck, I wanted to get exactly what I wanted. You can imagine my excitement when I found exactly that at a dealer who just happened to be right on the way home from my vacation spot in Montana, along I-15, on...
  8. jacoblane216

    Tire advise needed please help!!

    I’m getting ready to order wheels and tires for my rumble bee, I’m gonna get either the 22x10 hellcat replicas or the 22x10 srt-10 replicas, I have 2” drop shackles in the rear and plan on new bilstein shocks in all four corners. I wanted to know what tire sizes to get for my wheels and not have...
  9. Vipertrucker

    20" Chrome RAM OEM Wheels w/Ridge Grappler Tires

    This is the perfect combo for a full set of 'winter' tires and wheels. The wheels are in excellent condition and the Nitto Ridge Grapplers only have 2,000 miles on them. Includes TPMS sensors and lug nuts. Located in Gilbertsville, PA. I prefer to have them picked up and do not want to ship via...
  10. Justthebutler

    17's or 20's

    Hey Y'all So I have been trying to make up my mind on what I want to do for wheels for my White 2017 SLT. I do a fair amount of towing during the camping season. (apprx 9000lbs) and some offroad use at the farm/cabin. It came with the nice 5 spoke 17's, and at first I was onboard with getting...
  11. Stubbyjk

    New from Colorado

    Hi guys, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Adam, an avid offroad/jeep enthusiast. I also like hiking, rock climbing, wrenching, and welding. I've just picked up a used 4th gen ecodiesel to use as a "daily" and I'm loving it. Its a max steel Laramie package with heated/vented seats, sunroof...
  12. A

    Tires for my 2nd gen

    I have a 2001 dodge ram 5.2 sport I’m looking to put some bigger tires on there and trying to figure out the rim size anyone know?
  13. M

    Uneven tire tread and thumping

    Hey guys. I was looking at my tires today, and noticed that the rear passenger side tire is basically bald, while the other three are not. I recently also noticed a thumping sound while driving - you can hear it and also feel it as you go. It is definitely not under the hood and the thumps get...
  14. L

    4th Gen Setup opinions?

    I currently have a stock 2017 ram 1500 slt quadcab with the HEMI,(2WD sadly) and have some general questions about doing stuff to the truck. I first off want to level the truck because I hate how it sags. Anyone got a recommendation on a leveling kit? or what inch leveling kit would be best for...
  15. Robhughes292

    285 65 20 stock suspension and wheels

    I’m needing a new set of tires , 275/60r20 is what is on my 2016 1500 regular cab 4x4 . It is completely stock and I’m just wondering if I will have clearance with 285 65 20. Also interested in wheel spacer ( I know a lot of people don’t like them) , just wanting a wider beefier stance with...
  16. Jessg13

    2003 dodge ram 1500 tires

    My dad passed away a couple years ago & left me his beloved '03 1500. It's a manual 4x4 and I love it. I've been trying to teach myself how to fix a few things. Figured out & changed the spark plugs by myself (which if you knew what a ****** I am, you'd be super impressed). Recently I've had...
  17. C

    Will this work? 35x12.50 tires in 17x9 wheels no lift

    Yes I’m pretty dense in this area of tires and wheels. Have a 2018 1500 with no lift or leveling, found a deal on set of 17x9 wheels and wondering if I can mount 35x12.5 tires and fit with no lift or rubbing issues? Thanks for any advice or suggestions.
  18. 345_G

    275/65 tire on rear & 275/60 in front

    Hey guys. I’m thinking about putting 275/65R20 for my rear tires & 275/60R20 for my fronts. Has anyone had any experience with this? Good or bad, please share. I did my research(online). I’d like to know from someone with knowledge first hand. Thanks
  19. R

    Yet Another Tire Question

    Hey all, I've got a 2020 RAM 1500 Laramie 4x4 crew cab and it has the stock wheels (6 lug, 20") with stock 275/55/r20 tires. I also installed the Rough Country 2" leveling struts in the front. I'm going to be purchasing the Falken Wildpeak A/T3W. My question is what size tires can I fit on...
  20. 345_G

    Trustworthy maintenance & performance shops in NJ

    Hey Ram Fam Looking to get wheels, tires and lowering suspension soon. Please let me know of places I should look into. I’ll travel for quality work, preferably in state. Thanks! G
  21. NJ_TN Ram

    Need help choosing tires

    So I lifted my 4th gen Ram 1500 a while back. I went with a 6” lift. Now this lift was specifically for cosmetic reasons. I like the look. I do not go off-road at all. I’m currently running 35x12.5 on 22x11.5. Again, these are specifically for the look. It’s time for new tires and I want...
  22. hholcomb2525

    New Here! ISO Help Choosing Wheel/Tire Set up + Parts info

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I'm new on this site and in need of some information regarding parts I'm ready to order and wheel/tire specs. I have a 1983 D150 long bed in fairly good condition, on 31x10.5in tires with a 3.7 "Leaning Tower with No Power" married to a 727. I recently ordered a...
  23. Egv420

    2019 1500 Classic WILL 35s FIT.?

    I have a 2019 1500 classic 4x4 with a 2.5 inch front leveling kit. I am currently running method 301s 17x8.5 on 33x12.5r17 RDR MTs. Will 35s fit without rubbing.? Looking into 35x12.5r17 Geolandar MT Will I have to cut or trim anything.?
  24. Batt4Christ

    Tire Saga Solved

    Well- tire saga is solved. After shop test fit 35x12.5-20 and even with the level, the tire wall was against the UCA…. And then him (regional manager) going through every system he could- and making phone calls… because supply chain is so janky… The Falken Wildpeak AT3W (LT295-60-20) that...
  25. D

    Goodyear Wrangler MT/R in snow

    Hey everyone. Just picked up a set of used Goodyear Wrangler MT/R and wondering if anyone here has ran them before how they do in the winter time. I’ve heard generally mud terrains don’t do the best in snow but just hoping they’ll at least be comparable to a a/t tire. Also has anyone had...

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