2009, installed new foam and leather seat cover


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Nov 6, 2018
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2009 Laramie
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2009 driver seat getting a little long in the tooth. I don't know if it was marketed as leather originally...best guess was "pleather". Driver seat had serious cracks on the outside bolster. I found some leather seat bottoms on ebay, along with a Durafoam replacement for the driver side.
As I was planning the foam/leather replacement, I only saw the velcro type attachment. I thought, wow, how easy!
When I received the leather seat cover, it was made for hog ring clips. Frack. Screwed by the universe.
The Durafoam seat bottom arrived, and it was made for hog ring clips.
Yay! Saved by the universe.
I don't know when they made the switch, but it all worked out. If you are contemplating it, go for it. The foam replacement came with the clips (1/2" I believe), so that was a bonus. I got the hog ring pliers from Harbor Freight.
Also, if you decide to do both seats, the driver seat is the easiest. The passenger seat on the 2009 three seater had four additional 10mm nuts to remove under the seat.
Steps: Remove seat from vehicle. Remove seat bottom. Remove seat cover from foam to expose heating element, if equipped. CAREFULLY remove heating element from foam. Glue heating element to new foam. This is the longest phase of the project. Cover new foam with seat cover, and hog ring clips. Attach seat bottom to seat. Install seat back into the vehicle. It took me two hours. The longest part was removing the heating element and regluing it to the new foam. Take your time.
My new seat covers were perfect match to the dash, color and stitching. I did not change the seat back covers as they are in great shape. The seat bottom is close, but not an exact match, for the pleather seat back.