Free 4 year/8 oil changes contract that I was given on a 2022 3500 we didn't buy and can't use.

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Dec 20, 2021
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If you or someone you know bought a 2022 3500 HO Mega Cab Laramie in Patriot Blue from Koons Ram in VA last summer. You may have a free 4 year/ 8 oil change contract attached to your vin#. I have the contract number for you since Ram will not transfer it to the actual truck we purchased.

We had special ordered that truck from Koons in February of 2022.
Truck was built July of 2022
Sat until it was shipped out in December of 2022.
Delivered to Koons in VA February of 2023. But because of the Grid Heater Relay recall and no parts available for 2022's. They could not sell the truck to us. So it sat again until some time in late May when the recall was finally completed.
Because of the Recall and the snap ring failures happening to those trucks. We had decided to walk away from that truck before the recall was done and we ordered a 2023 in early May. After waiting 15 months what's another 3 months. As the 2023's were showing up fast. We took delivery of 2023 in early August.

But because of the problems and wait times we encountered on the 2022. Ram care had given us this free 4 year/ 8 oil changes on 2022 truck. I was not told that the actual contract was attached to the Vin# of the 2022 truck as I was given the actual contract number in a email. So when I went for the first oil change in 2023 truck. Surprise no free oil changes for this truck. After multiple calls to Ram Care and the MVP Consumer Group about getting the contract moved from the 2022 truck to the 2023's vin#. I keep getting the same message. Sorry nothing we can do. I have all the original case #s which they could see all the notes. But still no one could get the contract moved or just didn't what to deal with it.

So if I can't use those free oil changes I hope who every bought that 2022 from Koons can and will.


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Mar 18, 2014
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Yeah, not a bad idea to check your VIN with a dealer to see if anything is attached if you buy a used truck. I'm not sure if it all would all come up under the "garage" in the Ram truck site thing but I'm guessing you could just kind of play dumb and tell a dealer you thought there were some pre-paid things on the truck and have them check.