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Apr 8, 2023
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Long time coming. I decided now is the time for my first truck. A couple of questions I could use some help with.

Fell in love with the Dakota in the late 90s when I saw one while my dad was driving us around town. I decided now's the time when I can still enjoy the damn thing while I'm semi-young (lol) enough (43).

When I build the truck on Ram's website, are dealers required to adhere to the MSRP given after I'm finished building the thing? Like, a Big Horn w/ the 12" screen package & dual pane sunroof are around 51k. Is that realistic? They also have a 0.9% APR for 60 months on Big Horns and Laramies. I'm perfectly fine with a Big Horn and the options I would select. Is it up to the dealer whether or not to give that incentive? My credit is great. I plan on getting approved by a local credit union before I talk w/ any of these dudes, any other tips? I've read on here to register your stuff on Ram and you can get a $500 incentive you'd need to show the dealership at purchase time. Is that still a thing, and are there other moves out there?

I plan on keeping and maintaining this thing for a long long time. The cheaper option is obviously the Pentastar v6 but I'm tempted by the Ecodiesel as someone on this forum has claimed up to 32-34mpg with his. I know that is subjective and based on various other factors. Realistically, I will probably drive this thing for around 6-8k per year. The most use it will get will be the two trips (maybe more as my relatives get older) a year from Knoxville down to Louisiana, and other than that it's the random quick trips (15-30min) around town a handful times a month. FWIW I've had my 08 Mariner for 11 years and I've put 50k miles on it.


Main concern is not getting the pricing that shows on a finished build on Rams website, their APR promotion and whether or not an Ecodiesel is worth it in the long run based on 6-8K miles driven per year. Any insights would be appreciated!
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Oct 28, 2019
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Nebo, NC.
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Welcome to the forum.

Post your question in the 5th generation section and you will get tons of help.


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Jan 8, 2020
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Do some searching and you’ll find some dealers selling below MSRP on ordered trucks. I bought mine last year from dealer inventory for MSRP, so not all dealers are gouging.

You’ll want to do the math on whatever incentives are on the table because in a lot of offers it’s discounted interest OR a cash rebate. Or in some cases there’s a discount to use Chrysler financing. Just run the numbers each way and see what it totals when it’s all paid off.

Do your due diligence on the Ecodiesel. Personally I wouldn’t have one beyond the warranty period. AFAIK production of these ended in January. So it’s going to have questionable support in the long run.

Financially, diesels can’t save any money, because fuel prices are higher.

I say all this as someone who prefers driving diesels and can afford to drive what I like. If I wanted a 1500 diesel I’d buy a GM truck myself.
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Sep 12, 2014
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