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uconnect video issue

Discussion in '' started by ryans ramz, Dec 18, 2020.

  1. ryans ramz

    ryans ramz Junior Member

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    Dec 18, 2020
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    I have 2016 ram 1500 Laramie. 8.4 harmon kardon head unit 8.4 vp4 with nav
    with Uconnect software.verision 15.blah... it sucks because OTA
    deosnt come at any time. it only has gps and bluetooth. no wifi option. no screen mirror either. it has a media hub
    connect with usb audio, aux audio and sd audio. the headunit will not load any medias files. ive tried sending myself a link for youtube, just loads sound. i know i can play
    by lock pinning rca video to chromecast hdmi to rca and usb to power the chromecast and rca red and white to aux for sound . this is video 1 or 2, im not sure with one, but one is available.
    screen mirroring but thats alot of boloney. its
    overkill just to mirror it with wifi. please confirm cheapest and easiest way to do this with the proper easy connects. please provide cable name and list of cables required. i will purchase from your online store. also
    maybe a way to update without spending 50.00 at the dealer per update 150.00 to get up to 18.45 which i cant even get from unconnect and dealer will only update to 17. blah... uconnect is garbage in turns of voice recognigtion, bluetooth, wifi and mirroring oh and 199.00 to upgrade maps as im at version 9. 15 version to boot. grrrrr

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