1. FloridaHemi

    Less than 1 year with a Tundra and I'm back into a Ram!

    Had a 2017 Pearl White Ram 1500 Longhorn from 2019 until a year ago when I was driving cross country and the transmission failed and I sold it and got into a Tundra. Once I got used to the Tundra and spent more time in it, I realized screw Toyota reliability, this things sucks compared to the...
  2. B

    Thought I bought a Limited

    2022 Longhorn ordered 2021. Sales manager told me ALL Longhorns are Limited Longhorns. Nice truck but turns out it IS NOT a Limited! Imagine a sales mgr misrepresenting a product. I'm not holding any grudges as I will put it down to he not really knowing his product line. Again, buyer beware!
  3. Smyers486

    Air ride compressor failure

    Hey guys, looking to see if anyone else is having issues with their Air ride? Just purchased a 2019 Ram 1500 Limited back in October and when cooler weather began to roll in, I noticed the truck literally looks like it's doing the downward dog yoga position.. took it to ram dealership 3x only...
  4. sebirak

    Shocks recommendation for 2016 Limited

    Hello, I purchased a 2016 RAM Limited few months ago and very happy with my purchase, however, the shocks can definitely use an upgrade. I have an air suspension and its nice but every-time I drive I seem to feel every small pothole on the road. I do plan on taking my truck camping, but with the...
  5. B

    New truck, leaks & rattles, sprayed in the face with water driving down highway...

    TLDR/Summary: Purchased dream truck, RAM 3500 Limited, H.O. Mega Cab, slapped a ceramic coat on it, and had a beautiful piece of eye candy for a few hundred miles, then came rattles, squeaks, and ultimately a leak that sprayed me in the face while driving down the highway. This same leak caused...
  6. photog0611

    Ram now spells Customer Service as ***

    Wow! Purchased a 2021 Ram 1500 Limited one month ago. Yesterday, with 800 mi on vehicle it would not start - had power in cabin but computer would not turn starter nor allow any input so vehicle stuck in Park with parking brake on. Battery was only giving 10v. Computer flashed alarms for...
  7. L

    2019 Ram 1500 Limited Dashboard problems

    My 2019 Limited has 11,400 miles and has developed this bubbling dashboard in a couple of different areas on drivers side. The dealer told me it would need to be replaced. I don't know what's more disappointing, the fact that this new vehicle, who has won awards for its interior needs to have...
  8. Visionari

    Tire size with air ride level

    Hello everyone! Looking to put leveling links on my 2020 1500 limited with the air suspension. After doing so, I want to upgrade the rims and tires. I want to do 20x12 35in tires with a -43mm offset. Will this setup fit or do I need to look at 33in tires instead? What have you guys...
  9. K

    Tonneau Cover - 2020 Limited with MFT NO Ram Box

    I've been searching for a bed cover for my limited and am having no luck. What are you guys running that have the MFT and NO ram box? I remember reading something a while back that said that if I remove the bed brackets and update them with smaller brackets that opens up the opportunity for...
  10. C

    Wind Noise

    I have a 2019 1500 Limited that I bought back in September. Since owning it, any time I drive 35+ mph there is a distinct wind whistle noise that comes in from the front right passenger window. When I crack the window, it seemingly goes away, but could very well be drowned out by the louder wind...
  11. A

    Trying to buy a 2020 Limited

    I spent a lot of time on the Internet – watched numerous YouTube videos – and then made a determination that I really want a ram and the best trim level for me is the limited With the level I add-on package. Got some questions: It's been a long time since I've had a truck and I would not be...
  12. L

    Changing Interior LED Door Handle and Storage Colors

    Hoping to get some answers on how to change your lights in the interior of the doors. My 2014 CC Ram 1500 Limited has the factory blue and would like to change it to red. Has anyone been able to change this?
  13. Jerry Sparks

    Help: I just purchased a 2020 1500 Limited.

    I purchased a 2020 1500 Limited; I test drive the 2019 Ram 1500 Limited before ordering my truck. After about 100 miles, I noticed an issue. The issue deals with the lowering setting. In the 2019 Limited, the truck would automatically lower itself once in park, and the doors locked to the...
  14. Webracin

    Shocks for the Limited

    Hi All, New to this forum and this brand of truck. About 3 weeks ago I traded my 2018 GMC Denali HD for the 2019 Ram 2500 Limited. I love the truck, but have a question about shocks. One thing I have noticed is the ride quality is good, but its not as good as the Denali, and this is really...
  15. B

    Limited grille

    I have a 2016 Laramie Longhorn and it has the god awful chrome honeycomb Laramie grille. Curious if anyone knows if the Limited grille for the 2500 and 3500 models will fit on the 1500? If so are there any pics available?
  16. S

    Lowering / Drop for 2017 Limited 4X4 with factory air ride

    Does anyone have experience with a drop on 4X4 with factory air ride, I am looking to lower (4/6 Drop) my 2017 Limited 4X4 with factory air ride. I have called Inez and Moe Performance. Neither have a kit (or solution) that support the factory air ride. I am looking to lower more than what the...
  17. jgrousmc

    All in one HID headlight assembly for projectors

    Long story short... I bought a 2015 Ram 1500 Limited Crew Cab a few months ago. First thing I did was throw some HIDs in there and they worked fine for months. Last week the passenger side went out so I decided to upgrade to the OPT-7 HIDs. They worked for all of about two minutes then both...
  18. z190074

    2018 2500 4x4 alignment issues?

    I just bought a 2018 2500 4x4 diesel, (love it more every time I drive it) and I was told to have the alignment adjusted to 0 degrees of tow, as the factory setting would wear my tires unevenly? Has anyone else heard of this? I was also told, to decrease the recommended air pressure in the...
  19. ThePimento

    Bought a 2019 Limited at the end of June. I'm still in love!

    I drove a little over 400 miles to pick up the new 2019 Limited 4x4 (I saved $8,000 so why not!). This is my 3rd Dodge, and first Limited. I don't think I'll even be able to leave the Limited series. This truck is awesome! I chose not to opt for the eTorque engine, but got the 33 gallon fuel...
  20. MMcKay0351

    Photo Shop Help (Chrome Delete)

    Wanting to black out all of the chrome off of my truck and removing the nerf bars/side steps. Including side mirrors, handles (black or maroon to match truck), and to black out the grille or possibly put a blackmesh grille with the shell black. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  21. A

    2019 Official Price Thread??

    This was a helpful tool when I bought my f150 a few years back so I wanted to start something here that we could share with each other on what we should/hope to be paying for these new Rams. Currently, I am looking for a 2019 Limited 4x4 with no options other than the (free?) painted bumper...

    "Big Red" 2016 Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi

    Here's my baby.....
  23. Johnathan Lower

    Total remodel of 2014 Express. Looking for interior parts.

    I have totally redone my 2014 Express. Putting a new Tesla like 10.4 inch screen in the dash, was previously a bench seat but swapped the bench console for the full console to dash floor console, new factory leather seats i found, relocated gear shift from column to console, new limited...