1. sbuko213

    Running Lights through 7-Pin Trailer Plug Not Working

    For some reason I have not been able to dive into yet, whenever I plug a trailer into my 7 pin connector on my 2019 3500, the night time running lights do not seem to be working. I have tried taking the lights out of auto, and nothing. Keep in mind the brake lights, blinkers, and trailer brakes...
  2. B

    Upgrades capable of towing maximum

    OK so here is the thing. I bought my Ram 1500 Classic 6cyl 3.6 in May of last year not thinking I was going to haul anything ridiculous besides the occasional hauling or doing basic home upgrades needing drywall. Well things happened and we decided to get into food vending. We came across a...
  3. StruggleBus

    Upgrade combos for towing and every day driving.

    So I’ve been searching thru the previous post on here for a couple days and I think I may have pieced together the answer thru a few different threads I just want to make sure I’m understanding this right. I have a 2022 Ram 2500 Bighorn w/ a 6.7 and we really like it. Only complaint is ride...
  4. O

    air suspension aftermarket replacement recommendation

    I have 2013 ram 1500 2WD where the air suspension is failing intermittently. not sure what parts, but if I keep air suspension, what would be a good aftermarket replacement? my use case is towing a travel trailer camper. I need good quality, good bang for buck, good warranty and good...
  5. O

    air suspension-convert or go to coils-towing a camper

    I have a 2013 1500 ram that came with air suspension and has towing capacity of 10,150 lbs. if I go to coil conversion kit, was told the rear of truck would sag(strutmasters). I tow a camper and need the towing capacity that came with the truck using air suspension. How can I convert to...
  6. R

    2019 Ram Rebel - Trailer Brakes Installation Question

    I just purchased a 2019 Ram Rebel 2WD. Looking to install trailer brakes I am open to OEM or aftermarket. I have done some research and according to the internet I need to locate a 4 pin connector that possibly is taped up behind the dash somewhere. I have looked and can not find the connector...
  7. OldManEdge

    What should I expect in MPG while towing my RV

    I have a 2021 RAM 1500 5.7 V-8 HEMI. I recently purchase a RV Camper to tow with my RAM. I was wondering what sort of gas mileage would I expect to get while towing? The camper dry weight is 5,200lbs. Any ideas and/or recommendations are greatly appreciated! It's a camper trailer, 28ft long. RAM...
  8. I

    2019 Ram 1500 Classic Warlock Towing Capacity

    I just bought a 2019 Ram Warlock with the 3.6L Pentastar 4x4, and it has 3.21 gears. I truly can not find the answer I am looking for online. It says I have a Max. Trailer Weight Rating 4,440. Is this the total weight of both the trailer and the vehicle on the trailer?
  9. K

    Towing specs?

    Recently I bought a 2019 warlock with 37k miles. Out of curiosity I crawled under and to my surprise I saw coil springs instead of leaf springs. Are there heavier duty springs out there? Or is there any way to up the towing capacity a lil more? A quick google search says towing spec is 7,600...
  10. Stubbyjk

    New from Colorado

    Hi guys, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Adam, an avid offroad/jeep enthusiast. I also like hiking, rock climbing, wrenching, and welding. I've just picked up a used 4th gen ecodiesel to use as a "daily" and I'm loving it. Its a max steel Laramie package with heated/vented seats, sunroof...
  11. M

    Gear ratio swap for highway

    Hello everyone. I have a 2003 2500 Cummins with power upgrades with a nv5600 6-speed, AAM 11.5 373 gears. I use it to pull a 5th wheel RV. The 1st gear I use for maybe 3sec and 6th gear revs a bit high cruising down the highway, feels like I could use another gear. I think the best way to...
  12. Ocelot

    Superchips Flashpaq tune, and the Ram Tow/Haul button?

    I have a Superchips Flashpaq F5 and I really like the difference it made on my 2011 4.7. I'm currently using the 87 tune which is great, but it says not recommended for towing. That makes sense of course, but my question is what if I use the 87 tune, but also engage the Ram Tow/Haul button when...
  13. 5

    Looking for a Tuner that lets me set the Redline

    Hi All, I've searched the forums and the Internet but can't find the answer to my question. We have a 2021 Ram 2500 4x4 with the 6.4 Hemi. It replaced a 2006 Ram 2500 4x4 with the 5.7. We tow a trailer about 50% of the time, usually with a car or lawnmowers or building materials. We have an...
  14. J

    Receiver Hitch concerns

    I have a 2021 RAM 1500 I bought new. It has 19,000 miles on it. I tow a new Lance travel trailer that has a weight of around 6,000 lbs. when fully loaded. After I towed about three thousand miles this summer I noticed that the hitch pin hole are worn to an egg shaped on both sides. I have...
  15. Motivology

    Question about 1500 Ecodiesel Max Towing / Rear Gear Ratio

    I am looking to purchase a 2021/2022 1500 Limited 4x4 with EcoDiesel truck. It seems the max towing cap is right around 9480 lbs with 3.92 gears according to RAM's website (see below). If I were to upgrade my gears to 4.10, or even 4.56 gears from Stage 3 Motorsports - how much would that bump...
  16. Socalramfan

    Weight distribution vs air bags

    I’m curious as to what has worked for you personally. Weight distribution hitch or air bags. I know the difference between the two, but interested in what has worked in the real world. My situation: 26’ enclosed car trailer, 10,000 lbs max, empty 3200#, realistic typical weight 7500-8000#...
  17. H

    2013 Ram 1500 express

    I am new to the ram trucks and looking to purchase a 2013 ram express with a towing package on it. Anyone have any suggestions what I should look at that might be a problem. It has the 5.7 hemi and has a regular cab with 108,000 miles. Missing the spare tire and the wheels that are on it are 20...
  18. T

    Increasing tow capacity of 2018 3500

    I've posted before about searching for a 5th wheel and the truck to tow it with. After much research I thought I'd found the truck that would tow anything we found, a 2018 3500 mega cab with the Aisin transmission and 3.74 rear, as we were looking at RV's in the 16-17k lb range. Recently...
  19. aRBee4863

    Lowered towing success story and insights

    Hey all, Seems like a lot of questions about how to pull this off, so I just want to chime in with what worked for me and some thoughts about lowering in general. Setup: 2005 RAM 1500 RWD Rumble Bee Edition Engine: 5.7 Hemi Transmission: 545RFE Differential: 9.25" AAM 3.92 Wheels & Tires...
  20. T

    Class 5 or 4: Which tow RECEIVER comes STANDARD on the 2500HD Laramie gas 6.4/HEMI ?

    From online reviews, it looked like a CLASS 5 was std on the truck. But I saw comments online that Class 4 is now std. Can anyone clarify that for us? Thanks very much!
  21. kraizter

    Brake Controller - 4 Way and OEM Controller Socket

    So I have an 06 1500, it has a 4 way in back and a empty mounting spot in bumper for 7 way. I have found the blue OEM brake controller socket for quick plug brake controllers. However, I am confused since there is no 7 way in back, is the trailer brake power wire already run to the back of the...
  22. P

    Towing + MPG (1500 Classic Tradesman 2x4)

    I have a ‘21 1500 Classic Tradesman 2x4. It’s done me great. I’ve had it about 6 months and 17000 miles. I drive a TON, so MPG is very important. (More important than monthly payments to a large extent.) I can get (driving conservatively) 24mpg on the highway w my 1500, but towing takes it down...
  23. JRob79

    Leveled and towing

    So I have a 2021 1500. I am wanting to get a quality leveling kit. I have been looking at The Carli Commuter (it should released soon). They claim to put in a lot of R&D. I would be open to other option or brands. One of my other questions is how leveling the truck will effect my towing...
  24. S

    Decsion help

    First time on this forum. Have owned rams since early 90’s. Last was 06 mega with the 5.9 cummins. Bought a 2020. Crew with the 6.7 off road. This is the roughest riding ram I have ever owned. Talked to dealer about changing shocks (came with bilstins) they really didn’t want to do that. It also...
  25. Pktatum95

    Maximizing mpg 6.4 hemi

    Hey there. Have a question guys. Wanting some of yalls opinions. I have a 2017 RAM 3500 6.4 hemi DRW Reg cab with 4.10 and 66rfe. 209k on the clock. Bought it brand new with 8 miles on it (I put 6 of those test driving it) Lifter failure at 93k. New long block courtesy of FCA. No issues...