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Broken transmission side 8pin connector

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rabbiter, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. rabbiter

    rabbiter Junior Member

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    Oct 17, 2018
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    1998, 2018
    5.2, 5.7
    Hi! I am new here but have had a very annoying issue with my 46re the last 6 months or so. I guess this issue started about one and a half years ago. While on a road trip to do some wheeling I had a few weird transmission shifts. I didn't think anything about it because I was up around 13,000 feet in Colorado. I get home from the long trip and that week my transmission went out. OK so the real problems begin here.

    I have a transmission guy I know and does very nice transmission work, I pulled the trans and had it rebuilt and put it back in. The same week I take off to Oregon. It was a hot summer day and while passing death valley I got a trans code. I lay down on the sizzling asphalt and realize my chassis side 8 pin connector broke. Bummer, so i push it on and clear the code and continue on. I sourced the part and picked it up on my way to Oregon. It managed to pull through and make it for the remainder of the trip.

    After the trip I installed the new connector at home and all was well for the next year. I didnt drive it too much during the winter, just a few wheeling trips.

    This summer I took the rig towing my small trailer up to the sierras for some outdoor activities. On the way home a trans code came on. Hmm cleared it and drove home. Under further investigation of the code I noticed the trans side 8 pin connector was broken WTF. So thinking maybe some freak stick ramed it or something I had it fixed along with new sensor fearing they had shorted.

    Sweet its fixed, not, 5 miles from the shop the female trans plug broke again. -Great

    So I limped home. my buddy and I look for any cause of the failure thinking something must be hitting it. We found noting, so I took it back to the trans shop and my trans guy looks for anything that might have happened. He thought my trans kick down cable shroud might have done it, so he replaces the kick down cable and the trans side plug again.

    Now I drive it home in bumper to bumper traffic hardly having to touch the gas, somehow the trans side plug broke again. So I take it home and really investigate. I rig up a light and go pro and drive it around, bomb down dirt roads, ect. Noting moves or gets anywhere near the connector.

    So before I take it back I need to figure this out. Has this happened to anyone before? Rig specs. 1998 wrangler, 1998 ram 1500 5.2 magnum 46re, np231 t case, stretched, linked, 37s ect..

    20180830_203936 (7).jpg
  2. Bigtman07

    Bigtman07 Registered User

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    Jun 28, 2010
    Piqua, Ohio
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    Cummins 5.9
    Now that is some serious trouble and troubleshooting for sure! I can't think of anything off hand that would snap the connector like that. Possibly and its a remote possibility is that maybe the wire is getting caught on the shift linkage and putting stress on it till the plastic breaks off.
  3. dapepper9

    dapepper9 Senior Member

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    Feb 7, 2013
    Iowa/Nebraska Border
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    5.9L V8
    How close to the floorboard is that part of the trans?

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