2014 1500

  1. Elik14

    3.21 gears to 3.92 2014 ram 1500

    On moes website I see that the trutrac has option for the master install kit. would I have to chose that option if I’m going for these gears. https://www.moes-performance.com/Motive_3_92_Gears_for_9_25_and_9_25ZF_Rear_p/c9.25-392.htm?CartID=1 Or would I have to use this master kit instead...
  2. SugaryClapz

    Wondering what would be the best tires in snow/all terrain for stock 20 inch rims?

    My tires at almost still have some tread on them but need to be replaced soon. I was wondering what would be the best tires for snow or all terrain on a 20 inch rim with stock suspension/rake. Tire size now is: 275/60R20 (RIDGESTONE)
  3. SugaryClapz

    How do I remove this stuck nut on battery connector?

    I was trying to replace the battery today when the last step was putting on the battery connectors and the negative connector bolt had a stuck nut on the end that would not come off at all. I was wondering what would be the easiest way to get the nut off of the bolt or remove the bolt and nut...
  4. A

    Low beams work but highs and fog don't

    Hey all, working on my 2014 tradesman RAM and I feel stupid for having to ask but every single forum and site I search it's always high beams work lows dont. But I am literally having the opposite problem!!! it's frustrating. So the short and simple of it is I replaced the H11 low beam halogens...
  5. SugaryClapz

    Grinding noise coming from the engine bay when hard accelerating at 5-6k RPM

    I been trying to figure out what is making a grinding noise in the engine bay when I am at 5-6k rpm. It only happens when I accelerate hard and when it is about to shift to the next gear. I looked on Youtube for videos and forums but it seems nobody has the problem I do. Any help would be...
  6. CunningStunt

    2014 WIN Module aka Ignition switch

    I replaced it thinking it was bad, but after replacing I found out the key fob was the culprit. I tested it even after replacing with new module. I'll let it got for 80 bucks, I'll ship it and pay shipping to 48 states. I'll also guarantee it for a week so you can test it.
  7. S

    2014 Ecodiesel SFT stage 2 Help

    Ecodiesel SFT stage 2 “ service electronic throttle control” help please! Have gone through 2 additional times from SFT and still have this electronic throttle control message. Basically the truck isn’t boosted and I leave for an rv trip in a week. Wondering if it’s just the tune or something...
  8. S

    Using GPS in Canada

    Greetings, Just a short intro - I've had my 2014 1500 Sport for a few years and I love it! I'm the second owner and the previous one took great care of it. The uConnect system is great for what it is and mine came with GPS enabled. I live in Canada and although the GPS map works here I can't...
  9. shoffms0912

    cold/ac air on passenger side warm/regular on drivers side

    Hey guys I have a 2014 Bighorn and recently lost ac on my drivers side vents but have ac on my passenger side. There is no ticking/clicking noises. And ac only works on the head setting for ac for all settings. I do have heat for all settings and for both sides. I see there's posts for the...
  10. J

    Looking for Answers with what’s leaking

    Hey all, I’m not to knowledgeable with automotive ins and outs. I opened my hood recently and found what appeared to be dried up mud around the air filter box and a few other places nearby, I chalked it up to driving through mud. Today I checked under the hood again and noticed a wet orange...
  11. C

    Coolant Leak Down the Back of the Engine

    Hello, I know this is a common problem with Rams. It is a 2014 ram 1500 v6 3.0L eco diesel with 160K miles. It started leaking coolant down the back of the engine and leaks about 2 quarts every 15 miles. Does anyone have an idea of where the leak is coming from and the costs of the potential...
  12. 4

    Honeycomb grill inserts

    Hey all, wondering where I can find the black honeycomb grill inserts, desperately trying to get rid of the chrome slats I currently have...
  13. G

    93k miles, a transmission fluid change and still shuddering

    Hello, relatively new to this forum since I couldnt find any answers on any other forums, I have a 2014 1500 sport crewcab with the zf 8 speed and 5.7 hemi, a little over a month ago I noticed that from 1-2nd gear from a complete stop there is a shudder followed by a bump at quarter-half...