2013 Ram 1500 Longhorn Reverse to Drive Stalling when cold

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Mar 5, 2023
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Hi Guys,

I’ve resorted to the Forum after spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours attempting to research this exact issue. I’ll spell out what I’ve done to date for fixes in the shop and personally then I’d love to hear all thoughts and inputs ; greatly appreciate everyone taking the time. Here goes :

Purchased the truck used with 79xxx kms 5 months ago. 3 months in truck was lagging and transmission stuck in 4th. Throwing all codes that relay back to faulty transmission selector solenoid (TSS). Shop I use first swapped tranny filter, dumped trans oil, and cleaned existing TSS, cleared codes to see if it was sediment or something causing the issue with the TSS. Truck started stalling at lights , hard shifting etc so back in we went and they replaced with brand new valve body and TSS; was not a refurbed piece but brand new from mopar. Everything worked perfectly and no issues… until now.

Truck shifts fine, cycles through gears, doesn’t stall at lights or even upon abrupt braking, and all was well except now when trucks cold in the am. When it’s started in the morning, let idle for 7-10 minutes always. I hop in, put it into reverse with no issues but then when I stop , shift into drive, the trucks rpm’s noticeably drop and the truck either dies / stalls out, or almost does then recovers and acts normal. I’m baffled. Seems the tranny temp of the oil seems to influence this (personal speculation and I’m no mechanic).

Called the mechanic shop, they have zero clue and are blaming bad fuses or a corroded wiring harness that could be shorting (I have zero clue at this point). I went and replaced fuse 57 - 20amp fuse from lordco which is the transmission power relay fuse (going of memory but probably got it wrong ) and it looked okay except for it appeared a little burnt at the base of the “s” in the oem fuse (see attached).

Once trucks warm and has gone through the reverse to drive sequence in the am, it’s perfect and I can’t get it to replicate the issue.

Had anyone had this problem before? Am i nuts lol? The shop has no clue and wants to “further diagnose” but I’ve spent a ton already and don’t want to pay for more tinkering to have the issue persist. This truck is amazing overall and i just want resolution on it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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