Ball Joint Replacement Dana 60 4X4

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    IMG_5305.JPG I replaced everything in my front end except the ball joints. I noticed that there are many manufactures that have ball joints for my 1996 Dodge Ram 2500 Dana 6o axle, 8800GVW. Some were inexpensive and some up to $800 a set. Some knurled, some smooth, some offset, some adjustable with many people pushing MOOG. My OEM ball joints went 250K miles before starting to make noise, which is good enough for me, so I am going back to the OEM ball joints, upper and lower. I found a place based out of Canada called Torque King 4x4, that has the OEM parts I need for $249 shipped to my front door. The reason I am sharing this with everyone is because all ball joints are not created equal. Almost every single replacement ball joint out there including MOOG will mess up your steering knuckle if installed. The reason for this is because they are oversized by as much as .07 ! Moog is .05 and Knurled! it is a one way deal if you install a set of oversized ball joints. You get one shot, because the oversized replacement distorts the hole into which they are pressed. Buyer beware. Installers figure they are never going to see you again, and most of the time they would be correct. Whatever your choice, make sure they are smooth and the original size. Mike

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