New Tire Day

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May 1, 2017
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For the past 3 years I have been running Copper Discovery AT3 tires. I liked the tires, but they were horrible tires for wet conditions when accelerating from a stop - lots of tire slip in the rear which was problematic on the occasional rural mountain areas. After 3 years and 35k miles I had well over 50% of life left. Last month I replaced them with a more road oriented tire, Finalist Terreno HTs. Out the door from Walmart under $550. I have put 500 miles on them including a 250 mile roundtrip. I am very satisfied with the traction and ride. Super, super smooth, quite. I have tried to describe the ride coming from the Coopers. I would compare it to a hard eraser and an art gum eraser; firm vs soft. They feel like they stick to the roadway. 20.6 MPG v 21.1 with the Coopers. Happy, happy. Image attached for you info geeks. Index load 115, 2679 lbs per tire, T rated for speed.


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