Warranty Argument over Bad Battery Pack - 2019 Ram eTorque

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Apr 15, 2014
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Slatts, I'm sorry for your troubles. I have a buddy who lives near New Braunfels, and raves about the service department at Bluebonnet Ram. Maybe a change of venue is in order?


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Jul 2, 2019
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I apologize in advance for the long post, but it's been a long history of eTorque problems with my 2019. I appreciate any advice you have in dealing with Dodge on the latest issue.

My electrical issues began in Summer 2021. The truck was exhibiting voltage drops over a few days and then completely died when at 8v. The dealership south of San Antonio diagnosed a bad generator (alternator) which was covered under the 8y/80,000m emissions warranty. There were also a few other electrical repairs made at that time which i paid for but i suspect they were caused due to the voltage problems.

The following winter 2021 in very cold weather while hunting in Missouri, the voltage problems returned. I went to the local dealership and a tech pulled the codes. I told him the history and he said it sounded like an electrical connection problem maybe because of the earlier repairs made and the cold weather. The problem went away in a few days and no repairs were done.

Off and on for the next couple years, there were voltage fluctuations but only temporary and did not affect performance as far as I could tel.

In early 2023 in some of the coldest weather we've had in south Texas, voltage issues started up again. The truck died while parked and running and wouldn't restart. Had it towed to the dealer I bought it from (San Antonio Dodge). Over the next couple (warmer) days the service dept had no problems starting it and they could not make a diagnosis.

In March 2023, for the first time during warm weather began having voltage issues again. Recurring voltage drops almost daily down to around 11.2v. There was no pattern to this as it happened in all weather conditions and driving situations - at all highway speeds and also when parked and idling. (The engine off feature wasn't working when at stop signs).

About 3 weeks ago, while returning home from a short trip the voltage dropped steadily into the single digits and the truck died at 8v. I almost crashed it into a post while in a turn due to sudden loss of power steering and front end collision feature not working.

It was towed back to San Antonio Dodge and after a few days they told me they diagnosed a bad battery pack and turned it into the "warranty dept" for the part. I assume that the Warranty Department is at Dodge headquarters? Apparently the warranty department denied to cover it unless the dealership or myself had another voltage failure. The dealership has told me they've driven it (don't know how much or often) and they've experienced no further voltage issues. They suggested that i pick it up and have it brought (towed) back to them when the problem recurs. I told them it wasn't safe for me or my family to take the risk of another failure since I already almost wrecked it.

The dealership suggested I call Customer Care to plead my case. I've been on the phone with them 3 times now and this morning the rep told me that the 48-volt pack was not a warranty item. I referred her to Page 7 of the 2019 Warranty Booklet which states that the generator, catalytic converter, PCM and battery pack are all covered items under the 8/80K emissions warranty. She agreed and then said she'd call the dealership! I have no idea why since they agreed that it was covered and were denied by the "Warranty Dept" until it fails again. What a goat rope.

I appreciate any suggestions you may have.
I had a 2019 Laramie with the eTorque. I had low voltage faults on a few occasions. It would just come up with a battery indicator while driving. What I found was shutting it off and giving it a few minutes (about the time it takes to refuel) would often get it to reset and start charging again, for a while at least. Sat in a dealership service department south of St. Louis for a couple hours once for the issue, and they did a software update to fix it. It didn't.

Went back to my local dealership with the issues and they tried another software update. They said if that update didn't fix it, they would replace the 48V battery. About 2 months later, fault reoccurred. Called the dealership, and they replaced the battery a few weeks later after they were able to get one from RAM. Fault never repeated after that.

Sounds like you have the same issue. Replacing the battery is the fix. It should be under warranty.