1. Units

    Extended warranty at time of purchase for diesel or no?

    Getting out of my ‘22 6.4l (long story) and going to pull the trigger on a new ‘23 6.7l very soon. I fall into the category of a diesel rookie, so I am considering buying an extended warranty for the truck. Is it worth it even though it’s got a 5/yr - 100k factory power train warranty? And if...
  2. E

    Please Help! 3.0 Eco Diesel Engine Failure

    I manage the vehicles for my concrete construction company here in Florida. We have a 2017 Ram Eco Diesel Laramie. 58k miles, Dealer maintained, no towing, and no modifications. Two weeks ago (8-7-23) we brought it to the dealership. The truck was shaking and making noises and a noticeable loss...
  3. D

    New to RAM What do I need to know?

    Hey all, just bought my first RAM, a 2022 1500 Laramie nearly fully loaded and so far I'm loving it. I have never owned a RAM or any other MOPAR product and am curious if these trucks have any issues I should keep an eye on. A RAM sales guy I know, not the one I bought from, told me that the...
  4. J

    Receiver Hitch concerns

    I have a 2021 RAM 1500 I bought new. It has 19,000 miles on it. I tow a new Lance travel trailer that has a weight of around 6,000 lbs. when fully loaded. After I towed about three thousand miles this summer I noticed that the hitch pin hole are worn to an egg shaped on both sides. I have...
  5. J


  6. C

    Water Damage - Dodge claims no warranty

    Hey everyone, I have a 2018 6.7L crew cab 4x4. purchased brand new in 2017 from Clovis Dodge out of CA. Had a terrible experience buying from them so I ended up taking my truck to the dealership across town (owned by the same company). September 2021 I was deployed and I returned to my vehicle...
  7. Marrapode

    Lift kit and vehicle warranty

    So I’ve seen some places say that adding a lift kit to your truck will void your warranty. Or you can purchase/have dealership install the Mopar lift and it doesn’t void anything(definitely not doing that cause it’s OUTRAGEOUS.) I mean I just bought the truck last year, I still have a long time...
  8. B

    New truck, leaks & rattles, sprayed in the face with water driving down highway...

    TLDR/Summary: Purchased dream truck, RAM 3500 Limited, H.O. Mega Cab, slapped a ceramic coat on it, and had a beautiful piece of eye candy for a few hundred miles, then came rattles, squeaks, and ultimately a leak that sprayed me in the face while driving down the highway. This same leak caused...
  9. J

    2018 Ram 3500 - OEM Tire Failure and Warranty Question

    The OEM Nexen tires on my front end separated and bubbled at 14.9K miles. My 'dealer' here in Petaluma Ca said that they can not help me with a tire warranty claim. Does anyone have any info regarding how to make a Nexen warranty claim?
  10. Dak99

    Warranty!!!!!! Possible cam failure.

    Help!!!!!! I have a 2016 Ram 1500 with 74,856 km on the odometer and still under warranty until June 2021. I took my truck into the dealership this weekend with the complaint of a slight engine knock. Now they are claiming that I need a new engine....Problem is I bought the 1.5 years ago and...
  11. duckman631

    Max care warranty

    Just curious on how to really find out issues. For example, I took my truck to the dealer for tires and alignment. 75,000 mi on it. Hemi 5.7 4x4 etc.. I have max care warranty. I asked them to do inspection of front end components and overall check it all out. They tell me all is well. Now...
  12. jtruelove

    Will lift and tires void fatory warranty?

    I have a 2018 ram 3500 dwr I was just wondering if I put a 3-6 inch lift and 35 inch tires if I would void fatory warranty. Has anyone had this problem?
  13. DM1204

    Another extended warranty post. CANADA

    I'll start with saying I have searched the forums for an answer but only find people butting heads. Looking for honest opinions from people that have purchased an extended warranty AFTER driving the truck off the lot. I own a 2015 1500 with just under 100,000 k/m. I was told I could purchase an...
  14. S

    Extended Warranty Question

    Hey all, I have gone through a ton of threads here about the FCA warranty and such. I got quotes from Chrysler that were out of touch with real life. I then got the following from Zeigler. Looking to see if these prices are in line with what others have paid and checking to see if there are any...
  15. 1ATony

    Front & rear premium posi semi-metallic brake kit for 2011-2016 Ram 2500

    Shop now: 2011-2016 Ram 2500 Truck Front & Rear Premium Posi Semi-Metallic Brake Kit Limited Lifetime Warranty. Free same-day shipping. Part # 1ABFS02524
  16. 14Fiveseven

    Need help with warranty question

    I have a ram with 90k miles and the powertrain warranty expires the end of this year or if I am to hit 100k miles. Ive gotten my alignment done twice and the guys said something was wrong with my truck so they couldn’t adjust the steering wheel perfectly. They showed me the alignment sheets and...
  17. B

    Lifetime power train warranty worth it?

    Hello all, First post. Buying a new 2018 1500 this Saturday. It will be a 5.7 liter 4x4 quad cab with the 6’4” bed and 8-speed auto. Wanted to get all of your opinions on whether the lifetime power train warranty is worth it or not. I am the kind of person that will drive a vehicle as long as...
  18. TadsRam

    Canadian Truck in Ohio... RUST

    Let me tell you my little story... of how I got screwed buying a Canadian truck. I bought a used 2013 Ram 1500 SLT (50,000ish miles) last October (2017) from a dealership in Ohio. The truck looked and drove amazing (it still drives amazingly well). It was a sweet, sweet truck. Once spring came...
  19. A

    Parking Brake Issues / Improvements?

    My MY2015 1500 has a sagging parking brake cable and a warning light that will randomly come on (even with brake physically disengaged). Story below, but TL;DR - is there any sort of improved solution we can put on the trucks to avoid this in future? I'm not really down for replacing my parking...
  20. A

    Negotiating extended warranty

    Hello, I’m in the market for a 2019 Ram. Just curious if anyone has experience negotiating on an extended warranty? Do dealers ever ‘throw them in’ for free as part of the negotiation, or is there always some cost? Thanks.