1. E

    2004 1500 Hemi misfires and dies at idle?

    Just purchased a 2004 ram 1500 5.7 and the owner told me about this issue. Got it for a low price cause of this reason. When i start it up and let it sit at idle it throws the rpm’s up and down a bit then misfires around 600 for a little bit then dies. If I keep its rpm’s above 1200 it runs with...
  2. H

    5.7 Hemi "blew up" by dealership?

    I have a 2015 5.7 Hemi with 140,000 miles First of all, I am no mechanic so bear with me. Bought this truck new in 2015, serviced regularly and never had a single issue until about a month ago. The malfunction indicator light came on and I noticed I was getting approx 2.5 MPG less than normal...
  3. M

    Get Up to 8% under INVOICE on Orders and IN Stock

    UP TO 8% UNDER INVOICE On all Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram excluding TRX, Hellcat, Redeye, Scatpacks Factory Order's and In-Stock *in-stock vehicle 30 days or older same exclusions No finance or lease needed pricing 6% under for non affiliate's 7% under with affiliate Affiliate with finance or...
  4. M

    Fuel rail end broke off in quick connect

    3rd gen hemi 5.7 with a stupid problem So I have the worst luck I swear. Had my fuel line removal tool. Went in ok. Barely pulled and the darn thing broke off immediately in the quick connect. Tried putting the tool back in and the broken fuel rail line must be severely rusted to the back of it...
  5. M

    Weird clip Found between cylinder head and block

    I found this weird clip resting between the cylinder head and block on the passenger side when doing the head gaskets. I don't recognize it but wondering if anyone else does. If anyone is curious yes someone was in it before at some point because I found a few broken studs on the exhaust...
  6. J

    Auxiliary gas tank

    I have a 2021 Ram 1500 Big Horn Hemi, looking for information if anybody has installed a gasoline auxiliary fuel tank in the truck bed. I had one in my previous diesel but I am unsure about the volatility of gasoline in the truck bed tank. I had was a complete enclosed unit with the filler neck...
  7. Famousstar1026

    OEM Spark Plugs SPLZFR5C11 SET of (16) Mopar 09-2014 Dodge 5.7L HEMI.

    Shedding all my hemi stuff i have a 4 boxes of oem spark plugs for 9-2014 5.7 hemi $100 for all 16
  8. H

    Eco diesel to Hemi swap, looking for info.

    Hey guys I need some help on what's required to swap out an Eco diesel for a 5.7 Hemi in a 4th gen Ram. I've scoured the web but haven’t found any information on it yet. Has anyone ever done this before? Here's the back story (before everyone starts chiming in to say "just trade it"). I have a...
  9. J

    Shorties quieter than stock?

    Hi, I need some help and I hope there might be an explanation. I just got some BBK shorties installed (plz dont bash me about BBK I know they arnt the best and getting shorties, I had broken bolts) and they seemed to make my exhaust quieter? I had Flowmaster super 10 muffler and stock manifolds...
  10. D

    2004 5.7 hemi rebuild questions.

    Hey guys, my brother has a 2004 ram with 5.7 hemi and he accidentally ran low on oil and now he has a knock. So with that being said with it being bad enough to have engine knock will there be a lot of parts that need replaced or reusable? Where can I get a good rebuild kit for the engine and...
  11. E

    2012 Ram dies while slowing down

    My 2012 hemi has done this maybe twice in the last few years but recently occurs almost daily. While coming to a stop on a service road, about 30-40mph and lightly on the breaks, the engine dies out. I’m able to throw it in neutral and it fires right up. Fuel level is never below 1/4 tank, so...
  12. ArcticHemiClub

    Seeking Hemi 5.7l Tick mechanic in Alaska

    Hello, I am looking for a good mechanic who can help me fix my 5.7l engine in South Central Alaska. Any suggestions? Thanks! Details: Hemi tick cold, get better when warm,; Truck has idled a lot in its previous life on Slope; Code on #5: PO305 cylinder misfire Mechanic changed the plugs and...
  13. H

    Pentastar vs Hemi, which should you choose?

    When I was in the market for a 4th Gen Ram 1500 Classic, I was pretty torn about whether to go with the Pentastar V6, or the Hemi. It can be difficult to make the right decision with just a short test drive from the dealer. Now that I’ve owned both, I wanted to give a detailed account of the...
  14. H

    Add power locks to ram express?

    I have purchased the materials that I believe are necessary to add power locks to my ‘13 ram 1500 standard cab W/O factory power locks or windows (actuators, wiring, connectors and relays). If the wiring harness is the same on all standard cabs up to the cab to door harness connector could I in...
  15. Rod Knock

    GM DFM and AFM lifter failure - class action lawsuit

    This needs to hapen ASAP to RAM and the other Stelantis brands that use HEMI engines in their vehicles so that this endless debate over what causes lifter failure and what kind of lube to use to mitigate it ends. It's a manufacturer issue on the supplier side and possibly incorect assembly of...
  16. G

    Hemi Tick

    Hi All, I have a 2010 Ram 1500 5.7. I already blew up the first engine somewhere around 230,000. Replaced it with an engine from a 2013 i believe and it only had 66,000km, also got brand new OEM headers. Now my truck is at about 263,000 and Ive got the infamous hemi tick again. The cost to fix...
  17. T

    Poll Oil Viscosity - Hemi 5.7l

    Add any negative or positive effects. MDS, ect.... If anyone is wondering, I know very little about oil.
  18. Funkychateau

    ORIGINAL Iridium Plugs at 223,000 Miles

    At about 100,000 miles I was thinking of replacing plugs in my 2014 5.7 Hemi, so I removed both from cylinder #2 (because it was easiest to reach) for inspection. They still looked brand-new, so I put them back in and stopped worrying about plugs. At 223,000 miles, I’m getting a recurring...
  19. fxnytro17

    Will it fit? I’m trying anyways lol

    Old 315/70 r17s are worn and basically threadless. Picked these up the other day for 1000 bucks. I wanted to go back to 20” rims and the tires I might take off anyways but not before trying them out. Theyre bud Goodrich mud terrains 325/60R20s which Meade 35” exact on the tape as they stand...
  20. rgallina25

    86 d150 '03 5.7 help

    Hey all, Newbie here.. I've recently picked up an '86 d150 this past weekend. Body/frame are both solid, no motor or trans. I have an '03 parts truck I purchased for another project awhile back that is still complete minus a few body parts. Runs and drives, was just hit in the front. I'd really...
  21. B

    How much horsepower am I looking at getting?

    I just got a bighorn 2011 5.7 I want to do shorty headers, a vararam air intake, Diablo tune and I want to put on a flow master super 44 w/ a resi delete. i am new to modding. I wouldn’t even know which part to put on first or if these all go good together. Looking for some input. I’m just...
  22. Rod Knock

    0W-40 in 5.7 HEMI and 6.4 HEMI

    How many of you guys are running Castrol EDGE Euro 0W-40 or Mobil 1 FS 0W-40 in your HEMI 5.7? And how many of you are running one of these two fine motor oils in your 6.4 HEMI. Please comment and spare no details. How do you like it, did any of the two quiet your engine, and for how many miles...
  23. D

    Will Differential Oil Wreck the Driveshaft Bearing if it gets on it?

    I have a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi Crew Cab. My pinion seal is leaking so I plan to take apart the diff, replace the oil, pinion seal, spacers, etc. My question is if any oil gets on the driveshaft bearing since that's the area it's leaking from, will I have to get a new bearing? Or will cleaning...
  24. Visionari

    1500 Hemi 5.7L vs 2500 Cummins 6.7L

    Hello everyone, I am having the hardest time in the world deciding what Ram to get next. For a little back story, I currently have a 2020 Ram 1500 Limited on a company lease. I am leaving this company for a new opportunity, and with that, comes having to purchase a truck. I am doing so much...
  25. S

    2016 Shifting issues

    Hello, I'm new to the site, I've had my dodge Ram for a couple years now. Read a few post on here and decided to sign up and ask my own question. Thanks for any feedback! Does anyone else have issues shifting into gear if one of the tires is not level with the others? I just got stuck in...