1. R

    200k oil pump need replacing?

    2008 1500 4.7l with 200k. Just purchased the truck so not sure how easy or rough those miles were. Already doing new heads and timing components. Looking for some insight on if I should replace the oil pump or not, and if so high volume oil pump worth it or not? If so any good recommendations on...
  2. Angelrsc09

    Oil burn

    Hi! I have a RAM 2009, HEMI 5.7l My problem is that my ram is burning oil but there’s no problem with the rings. It has 150psi each piston and responds very well when i accelerate. I once read that maybe can be the PCV valve but I’m not totally sure. If anyone had this issue before i hope can...
  3. J

    292 Oil Temp??

    Hey guys I was just cruising and my oil temp was at 292° F and my oil change light came flashing on. I just did the oil just under 3,000 miles ago. Outside air temp was 30° F. Water temp was slightly above half on the gauge. Oil pressure was reading 3/4 on the gauge. I’m at 130,000 miles and...
  4. T

    Poll Oil Viscosity - Hemi 5.7l

    Add any negative or positive effects. MDS, ect.... If anyone is wondering, I know very little about oil.
  5. D

    Dodge ram 1500 what oil should I put???

    Hi everyone I have a Dodge ram 1500 motor 4.7 with 200,000 miles i want to make a oil change but I'm not sure what oil to put... What oil do you guys recommend ?? In the oil cap is 5w 30 but I know it has a high mileage engine... Should I just replace it with 5w 30 high mileage oil or what oil...
  6. D

    Will Differential Oil Wreck the Driveshaft Bearing if it gets on it?

    I have a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi Crew Cab. My pinion seal is leaking so I plan to take apart the diff, replace the oil, pinion seal, spacers, etc. My question is if any oil gets on the driveshaft bearing since that's the area it's leaking from, will I have to get a new bearing? Or will cleaning...
  7. D

    Oil filter for 2020 2500 6.7L CTD

    My 2500 came with the Mopar oil filter. I did a change around 1500 miles since I wanted to make sure there was some quality oil in it (could NOT find out what it came with). Used the same Mopar filter. Ordered new filter for the next change... same Mopar filter. The threads on it look...
  8. W

    P0303 code

    Alright. About a month ago my 1998 ram 1500 popped up with a p0303 code. I got this code a couple years ago, cleared it and it never came back until a month ago. At first I thought it would be on the ignition side of things. Replaced spark plugs, wires, distributer cap, rotor and coil wire. They...
  9. Z

    Leaking fluid

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I changed the battery in my truck tonight and noticed an odd amount of some type of fluid all over the engine. I was curious if there’s any common issues with fluid leaks that would fling all over the engine. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. Taylor513

    Redline 5w20

    I have 14 quarts of redline 5w20 that are all unopened with the seal that I’m looking to sell. $140 I work in Phoenix, AZ I live in North West Valley. I prefer to sell locally and not ship but if it gets there, I’ll update the listing.
  11. PE7EY

    Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs Platinum 5W-20 Oil Analysis

    For anyone interested, I found this Pennzoil oil analysis video which shows the additives that make up the difference between PP and PUP. After seeing the analysis, which would you choose for overall engine health, Hemi tick, etc? Can any experts or oil aficionados chime in if the additives...
  12. Firefight1981

    What Is This Part and Why Do I See Oil?

    This is towards the front of a 2017 ram 1500. Please forgive my ignorance, but I don't know what this part is. And why would there be oil on it, mostly in one corner?
  13. D

    oil problems- Code: p0521/p0522

    I have an 07 5.7L Hemi, i first had code p0521 and I changed oil pressure switch and got an oil change, during the oil change they said my oil looks burnt and its only been 2k miles since my previous oil change. then i disconnected battery to reset computer and drove it around for a while now...
  14. D

    Engine oil off the lot.

    What oil comes in the 2500 with CTD off the lot? Dino? Synthetic? Brand? Anyone know? And to all you guys who's philosophy is that oil is oil and it doesn't matter, assume your opinion has already been noted but I still want an answer to the question. ;)
  15. D

    Best oil for 2020 Ram 2500 6.7 L Cummins?

    Please weigh in on which is the best oil for 5th gen 2500 with 6.7 L diesel. I'm in northern California and I might see temperature as low as 10 F on rare occasion in the mountains, but usually climate is more temperate. Manual says to use SAE 10W-30. Internet says that Cummins specifically...
  16. C

    Tranny Flush?

    Anyone every get their transmissions flushed? I hear to never do it then I hear it doesn’t harm some vehicles and it’s the only true way to get 100% new fluid into the system. Is the way to go to drain the pan then add new fluid, circulate, drain, add, circulate, drain etc etc a few times to...
  17. D

    ****-wagon dipstick sticky...

    Hi all! I have a 99 ****-wagon (15 passenger van) with the 5.2 magnum, and the dipstick tube is long because it has to come all the way to the front. the pull handle of it sits almost over the radiator. I'm having trouble just checking oil because its just so hard to push in. It will make the...
  18. Rob McClure

    Overwhelmed with oil choices

    Good morning ! sooo i've spent the last couple hours going through forum pages looking at what kind of oil to get for my truck (2015 ram 1500 5.7 hemi SLT) and i am overwhelmed at what kind of oil to get , ive decided to go with royal purple 20-820 oil filter but lost on what kind of oil to get...
  19. SuburbanCowboy

    Oil pressure question for 89 W150

    Anyone know where the needle should be sitting on a 89 W150 with a 5.9 liter V8 OHV 16V? If it helps, it's got 7,500 miles on a rebuilt engine.
  20. K

    Smoke while gunning it?

    How yall doing? I've got an 07 1500 5.7 4x4 approximately 180k miles. I've noticed maybe 3 times now over a 6month duration that while cruising at highway speeds 70mph 5th gear OD and MDS engaged then gunning it (dropping into 3rd gear mds deactivated) that I get a very small amount of smoke...
  21. NY Andrew

    1st Oil Analysis time?

    I have over 6k miles and run Redline 5W20 (going on a full year). Based off how often I drive I'll be conducting yearly oil changes with 5W-20 (not the 5W-30 because that may be too thick for winter time); plus I have lifetime warranty so sticking with the proper weight would potentially save me...
  22. NY Andrew

    Weekly Shifting?

    So the truck sits for a around a week most of the time or even up to 15 days sometimes before being started. Over 6k miles. I run Redline 5W20 (going on a full year). Based off how often I drive I'll be conducting yearly oil changes with 5W-20 (not the 5W-30 because that may be too thick for...
  23. R

    Synthetic oil from regular

    I have a 2011 ram 1500 with 102,000 km or 63,000 miles for my American friends lol I was wondering if it makes any sense at all to change to synthetic. I also want to know if it’s even safe to do so. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  24. Heber Perez

    Oil and oil filter options....

    Hello all I own a 2016 RAM 1500 Lonestar 5.7 Hemi 2WD, and I want to start doing the oil change on my own instead of having it done in a shop, so far nothing has happened, but I would like to start doing it my self as I used to do it, and maybe ending saving up some money in the process. I...
  25. R

    Oil Leak By Head 2018 Ram Powerwagon

    Hi everyone I am new to the forum and unfortunately my first post will be in regards to a problem with my 2018 power wagon with 22k miles on it. My previous vehicles were a Raptor and then a Hellcat now Power Wagon which I do love but I am not happy with at the moment. I do have an extensive...