1. P

    Sensor question

    After I put in the KaOD Tech cable for the '18 in my truck to enable Alfa, I had to clear a humidity sensor alarm, as I unplugged the little fan/sensor thing on the knee board. Then noticed the black box next to my mirror, which apparently is the humidity sensor...
  2. D

    Deciding on Shocks to Replace Air Suspension | Offroader - Ram Rebel | Hot Weather

    Hey there, So I've been lurking here for some time trying to find an answer, but nothing so far. So I live in the Middle East (weather is pretty hot with the summers averaging 40-45 C) and have a 2017 Ram Rebel (with Air Ride/ Air Suspension). I offroad quite a lot (desert dune bashing and...
  3. R

    6112 + Spacer Question

    Howdy, I’m getting ready to install suspension on my 22 Rebel GT, I have 6112s and 5160s along with JBA UCAs. I know the 6112s do not have the amount of pre travel as say Icons, and I would like to restore some of that. I plan on a bumper and tent rack in the near future as well. Can...
  4. J

    lifting 2016 rebel w/ air suspension

    Really wanting to swap out air suspension on my rebel with standard standard shocks, have been bottomed out all winter and dealership won't do anything. I figured if I have to pay to swap suspension I might as well lift while I'm at it. was wanting to do a 6 inch lift if possible but wasn't sure...
  5. C


    I have a clicking noise coming from under my shift handle when pressing and releasing the brake when the truck is in Park or Neutral. I tried looking under the truck for some kind of linkage or loose cable. Anyone got an idea what it might be and if I would have to tear apart the center...
  6. D

    Advice for potential used truck buyer

    I am looking to buy a 2017 RAM 1500 Rebel with around ~73,000 miles on it. I am coming from the Toyota world and for a Toyota 73,000 is almost considered low miles. If you were to buy a Toyota at 73,000 you could expect at least another good 150,000 miles from it. How does that apply to...
  7. K

    2023 Ram 1500 Orders

    Placed an order on a 2023 Ram 1500 Rebel. Got a VON # but when I put it in the look up search on RAM website, it says no info. Anyone else place an order on 2023 models and had their order confirmed? I know it’ll be a bit before production begins but just trying to gage how long it takes for...
  8. P

    '18 Rebel ambient lighting

    Looking to see if I can add the handle ambient lighting to a rebel. I don't want the full kit, but the only thing I have managed to find is the Paragoptics kit for the 5th gens. Is this a possibility, like the harness supports it already, and I just need the handle/handle surrounds, or am I...
  9. L

    2900km in and starting to hate my Rebel

    2900 km I had my 2022 Ram Rebel for 2 months and have been to the dealer for 8 times for service. Never had that feeling of excitement like owning a brand truck. Well, maybe first few days then I start discovering issues. Like squeaking and creaking coming from the suspension. Rattling in the...
  10. R

    Problem with air suspension and more...

    Ram 2016 Rebel Hi guys! Everything was fine. Once drove out of a bend and the wheels skidded a little, the stabilization light came on my speedometer and some warnings: "Service Air Suspension". After that I went to a station and workers says to me, that left side of my Ram is lower than right...
  11. M

    Transmission question about an 8speed

    I have A 16 Rebel I just purchased and I noticed when I wake up to go to work I put the truck on drive and the very first gear change revs up higher than normal but after that it seems fine, even if I’m at a light and accelerate the problem goes away. It seems to happen when the truck sits for a...
  12. C

    2016 RAM Rebel 4x4 not engaging

    The truck thinks everything is okay, when I press the 4x4 lock, or 4x4 low(in neutral) it indicates that it is working, (flashes twice and then light stays on until I “disengage” it again)but the 4x4 is not engaged. Never had any trouble with the 4x4, have 180,000km (111,800 miles) and no issues...
  13. F

    Should I get the Etorque???

    Hello all. I am going to purchase a 2021 ram rebel in May and im trying to decide on the 5.7 v8 vvt or the etorque. I have seen alot of forums that talk about electrical issues and it has me worried about the etorque. I like the feature of the etorque to get that extra power when passing...
  14. Daniel Ortiz

    2017 (or thereabout) Rebel Load & Inflation Placard

    Howdy! So I'm trying to better understand the tire pressures FCA decided to go with for the Rebel, especially that 55/45 split (did anyone figure that out?), as well as for the regular 1500s like my own. I've searched around a decent amount but can't find any images of the 2017 (or thereabout)...
  15. R

    What size t-slot nuts should I use for a DIY bar using the rails?

    Hey Gang. Love the new 2020 rebel. I need to put a rail across the bed for a carrier. Going to roll my own using 20X40 extruded. What size t-slot nut should I use for the rails? Thanks, Richard
  16. Ethan Miller

    Rebel Grill Swap on my 2016 Big Horn

    Hey guys and gals, First post here! Im wondering if anyone has swapped a 2019-2020 rebel grill onto a pre-2018 4th gen ram 1500. I have a 2016 Big Horn and I HATE this chrome **** everywhere (Why did I buy it? because it was cheap and had all the packages I wanted). Anyway if anyone has done...
  17. Waterfowler41

    FS: Roadmaster Rear Sway Bar 1129-135

    Part: Roadmaster Rear Sway Bar Part# 1129-135 What's included: Sway bar, new brackets/bushing, and solid end links. New hardware is included but the OEM bolts for the sway bar brackets and top mount of the link link can be reused. Price: $275+shipping from Chicagoland (Retail is $415)...
  18. Waterfowler41

    How to: Upgrade the base 6 stereo in 2019+ Rams

    In this video I walk through how I upgraded the base 6 stereo in my Rebel with new speakers, an LC&i LOC, a 5-channel amp, and a 10" subwoofer in a custom box. The video description has lots of helpful links including a link to a share drive where I posted the Ram wiring and stereo installation...
  19. TwinSuns

    Rebel grille on a 2500?

    Curious if a rebel grille would fit on a 4th gen 2500? Have been looking for a power wagon grille to no avail, but have found a rebel grille locally for a good deal.
  20. JBlash

    Converting 2015 1500 Sport into a Rebel

    Although there are bits and pieces of information across the forums, I couldn't find a full breakdown of what it takes to change over from the sport front end to the Rebel front end (bumper and grille). Of course the swap is easy with a take off bumper, but those seem to be far and few between...
  21. Intense-Dakota

    Greatest steps ever made?

    I think I have found the greatest steps ever made! FYI - I am NOT related to this company or sponsored or compensated in any way for this. I purchased the GoRhino Dominator D6 steps (D64205T) for my 2017 REBEL and after installing them, I think they are AMAZING. They sit very high and tight...
  22. Desert Dawg

    Desert Dawg 2020 Ram Rebel Build

    DESERT DAWG'S 2020 RAM REBEL 4X4 BUILD Welcome to my build thread! I have been lurking on the forum for bit already and have started to make some modifications to my new 2020 Ram Rebel so thought I would start another build thread. To be honest, I am posting the same build thread on a couple...
  23. Intense-Dakota

    '17 REBEL w/ air - Daystar Leveling + Links = UCA hit?

    I am thinking of adding the Daystar leveling kit (KC09113BK) to my 2017 Rebel with air. I am going to make custom links to match. I have read a few places where the 5th gens were having issues with the UCA hitting the air struts in Off Road height. Is this an issue on the 4th gens also? I do off...
  24. I

    2020 Rebel First Mods

    Hey all, I'm new to the Ramily. Just bought the 2020 rebel and couldnt be happier.. or could I? I've ordered some powered amp stepping boards. Moved my sound system to its new nest. Now I'm looking to sit above the normal people. Not looking at huge but I'd like a 2.5 - 4 inch lift/leveling kit...
  25. Rebel47


    The difference between left and right rear toe has me concerned, but I'm not an expert. They're telling me its okay. Should I be looking deeper or taking it someplace else? Thanks. 2020 Ram Rebel 1500