1. C

    Ecodiesel Alternator Output

    I've got a 2018 Ecodiesel Tradesman 4wd which I picked up Oct '22. It's been running fine (aside from a loss in mpg). I have noticed my EVIC was showing 13-14v on my battery, but since I installed my sound system it shows 13v consistently. Today I replaced my battery, it had the stock battery...
  2. R

    Battery light

    My battery light is on on 2012 Ram 1500 Hemi 5.7 I’ve replaced the alternator and the battery and it’s still on. Any tips on what it could be?
  3. SugaryClapz

    How do I remove this stuck nut on battery connector?

    I was trying to replace the battery today when the last step was putting on the battery connectors and the negative connector bolt had a stuck nut on the end that would not come off at all. I was wondering what would be the easiest way to get the nut off of the bolt or remove the bolt and nut...
  4. J

    Issues Starting

    So im having a weird issue with my 2015 1500 3.6L. Once the truck has started its generally fine, but if the truck is off for longer than about 30 minutes to an hour when i get in to start the truck, ill turn the key over and it sounds like ALL of the battery is gone, like im trying to start a...
  5. R

    IBS reset for battery change?

    I just replaced the battery on my 2019 1500 Classic (5 years old, been drained dead a few times due to trailer wiring issues, can’t seem to hold a charge , etc) Just recently read stuff about having to reset the IBS sensor when you do this. WTF?! What is this and how do you do it? My Uconnect...
  6. A

    Changed battery on 2019 1500 and now no power to vehicle, bad fuse?

    Good morning, So my 2019 ram 1500 was slow starting and the battery officially died out on me. I go to change the battery out, removed the old one and put the new one in. Go to start the truck and open the door, no chime, power steps don’t come down. Dash doesn’t light up, truck won’t start...
  7. S

    Weird Accidental Battery Jump

    So, my alternator died the other day during the middle of running around town. I was at a gas station and asked someone if they could help me with a jump. Someone helps me out and we get the jumper cables placed on each battery. I waited a few minutes before trying to start and it almost...
  8. J

    Some data on batteries and current drain 1500 Hemi

    Hi All, After chasing down what appeared to be more than a dead battery, i measured and learned a bit an opted to share here (after fightnig with the very unintuitive registration process). 2020 Hemi 5.7 1500 First, the battery, after digging around and comparing to similar vehicles, is...
  9. JPT

    SOLD: 94RH7-RP Die Hard Platinum Battery

    I have a brand new 94RH7-RP Diehard Platinum Battery for sale for $130. This battery lists for $230 + $20 Core at Advance Auto Parts (linked below), with 2 years left of the original 4 year warranty (if you need to replace it, I’ll go with you to the store near me within that 2 year period). I...
  10. RamItFaster

    Dead Batteries

    Came back from a camping trip. Left the Travel Trailer hooked up. While it was being cleaned I guess a interior light got left on and drained both my batteries completely. Any ideas? Just jump it and let it recharge? Or should I bite the bullet and replace one for now? I Don't use it as a daily...
  11. H

    2019 Ram 1500 battery voltage 12.7V...failed state inspection

    Hi, Got a state inspection in MA yesterday and failed due to battery. Battery is 3 yrs old with a voltage of 12.7V. What's the pass mark voltage level? Also I came out one morning 3 months ago to a dead battery. No lights or electric were on overnight to drain battery. Wondering if bigger issue...
  12. E


    So I have a 2021 Rebel, 3.0L Ecodiesel. Since November of 21 I have had multiple battery issues. I currently am at around 8500 miles. At around 3000 miles I had a suspension stabalizer system warning light come in and stay in every time I started the truck up. Unfortunately it took about 3k...
  13. V

    Newbie Q re. Batteries

    I've got a 2019 Ram 1500. It failed to start the other day and I had a friend boost it and it has been fine for the last few days, but now I've got in my head that it likely needs to be replaced at some point. When researching a booster pack to buy as a just-in-case, I came across someone saying...
  14. Mister Luck

    Intelligent Battery Sensor Readings

    I Changed my battery recently and was concerned the battery I replaced the OE battery with is Absorbent Glass Mat ( AGM ) and not , ( FLA ) Flooded Lead Acid but is still the same Group Size Item Number 852241 Group Size H7 (94R) CCA 765 CA 955 Voltage 12 RC 140 Ah 80 Length...
  15. RamTough7862


    Never had a problem with my '03 5.9 1500 starting before. Turn the key, it started. The other day I left the key in the "ON" position for 3 hours. Tried to start it and nothing. Tried to jump it and all it did was turn over but not start up. I purchased a new battery, installed it, turn the key...
  16. T

    Engine "freezes" over-night

    I drive a 97 ram 1500 5.2L and recently while driving the battery fell onto the serpentine belt because the holder broke. It made a hole in the battery and got acid all over. Now it will only start after cranking the engine over and over for about 10 or so minutes. (With breaks in between...
  17. B

    '18 ram 1500 check engine light

    I had to have my battery recharged at the local auto parts store and after putting it back into the truck my check engine light came on and won't go off. I will take it to the store to ask for some help but wanted to ask if anyone else ran into a similar problem?
  18. Dustin Lloyd

    Truck won’t start unless jumper is connected.

    I have a 2012 ram 1500 4.7. The only thing I’ve done to it this year has been replaced the tail light bulbs with LED bulbs. This issue has slowly been getting worst. At first I could run the fuel pump a few times prior to trying to start and it would always fire up. It has gotten to the point...
  19. H

    Won't start, key stuck, no lights/power

    I drove to a worksite today, about a 30min drive, in my 2015 Ram 1500 (V6) and briefly parked for about a minute. When I went to start my truck it died, didn't try to turn over or anything, now my key is stuck in the ignition and nothing has power not even lights/door chime. I connected a jump...
  20. K

    Upgrades finally (overall ideas)

    I've got an 07 qc 1500 5.7 4x4 that I've finally gotten the majority of its issues handled. Now its time for upgrades. First one is a lift kit. I'm running 35x12.5R17 R/Ts and want to continue this path as I just bought fresh tires. Currently I have a leveling kit. I'm tossed up between a 4...
  21. S

    right side battery 2014 ram 6.7

    So its getting cold in Michigan, mornings right now have been in the teens... Vehicle wont turn over, it tries but not enough juice. Starts up fine when jumped. So at night ive been plugging in the block heater and also putting a charger on the battery and that get me buy for a few days. Acts...
  22. M

    2019 Laramie 2500

    I have a 2019 Ram 2500 Laramie. The truck has been going into Battery Saver mode where the non essentials power down. It does it a few minutes into after I begin driving. When it does this the battery voltage meter is still reading between 14v and 14.5v, so that is normal. I would think that...
  23. O

    Experience With AC Delco AGM Battery?

    Hello 3rd gen Cummins drivers... Can anybody recommend the AC Delco 65AGMHR (88865697) for my '05 Ram 2500? I bought this truck last year, and OEM batteries are 14 years old now and on the way out. Looking for equivalent or better CCAs, and this $148 65AGMHR is priced VERY, very well at Summit...
  24. NY Andrew

    Battery Replacement?

    If this doesn't belong in this category please relocate or tell me before deleting. Thanks. SOOOO, 2018 1500 5.7L. OEM battery is garbage, first "cold" week end of summer of 50 degree nights and security system told me low voltage of 11.7v after 5 days of sitting...when I had zero issues the...
  25. Ram Jon

    Problem with Parasitic Draw

    I have had my 2012 Ram 1500 Express 4x4 Crew cab for almost 5 years. It has been a great truck. Recently I have had it parked for days at a time and the battery would end up dead. The battery is an EverStart from Walmart that is only 6-8 months old. I took it back and they charged it and...

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