1. T

    1st Gen Royal SE

    Hey Y'all, I recently inherited this 1986 Dodge Royal SE 150 from my grandfather and was wondering if anyone knows if there is a market for it. It currently has 84k miles and is in entirely original condition, runs better than ever. Best, Alexander
  2. Leede

    Any Thanksgiving giveaway act?

    I saw the Thanksgiving giveaway offered by Hooke Road and I entered, hoping I could win! Recommended to everyone!
  3. S


    Security system doesn't recognize driver and passenger rear windows being broke. Theaves broke the glass and climbed in through the passenger side rear window without the "Security system" activating. Any recommendations on a good Security System for Ram trucks? 2022 Ram 2500 Bighorn edition.
  4. H

    Identify Part? 2005 RAM 1500 Grille / Radiator "Clip"

    Pic attached Friend asked if I could find this part for them. They are repairing/replacing a grille. Perhaps a Radiator. They called it a 2005 RAM 1500 "Grille Clip" Obviously not a "clip" I've not had any luck. Stud? Can anyone identify the part? part#? Thanks
  5. T

    Help with steering shake

    Hi guys, this is a question of what i need to do next to resolve this ongoing problem. my 2011 ram 1500 4.7l 4wd quad cab 6.5ft bed had some suspension work done around the middle of march and i have been fighting the problem since the suspension was redone. at around 65-75MPH the steering wheel...
  6. FiverPuller

    Things that make you go hmmmm!!!

    2019 Ram 3500 purchased new December 2019 it has run flawlessly for 46,000 plus miles pulling my 40' fifth wheel. Not once has the "Regeneration in Progress" come on. Fast forward to last month when I took it in for the HPFP (high pressure fuel pump) Recall. After installing the previous...
  7. F

    new after market true LED headlights not fully working

    Hey, new to the site. Hopefully someone can aim me in the right direction. 2018 ram 1500 5.7 express DNA Motoring LED headlights. Right, I bought some true led headlights (full housing assembly) to replace my deer smashed headlights (LED is replacing halogen NON projector) The headlights...
  8. L

    2013+ cummins dash in 2011

    Hey folks, I have a 2011 SLT that I would really like to have the newer cluster and 8.4 uconnect in. Is it possible to buy a complete dash and swap it in? Would the newer TIPM have to be installed aswell? Basically trying to see where it could be adapted in at, or what all will have to be...
  9. M

    Identifying Rear End Differential

    Have a 1994 Ram 2500 W/12 Valve in it. It needs a new rear end, which I'm pretty sure calls for a Dana 60, but I'm not entirely sure. It has a 3.54 gear ratio and ten bolts on the punkin cover.
  10. nevinwright43

    Glow Plugs and Electric Vacuum Pump

    So, some background information: 2015 Ram 1500 Ecodiesel 3.0, DEF deleted. I bought it used with 220k (140k miles) on it. Recently, I had a diesel shop replace my engine timing cover (due to it leaking). After the replacement I drove it about 130km and my fuel injector line burst and sprayed...
  11. SugaryClapz

    My front windows are not working

    Couple days ago I hopped in my truck and tried to roll my front windows down and they are not working all of a sudden. My mirror adjuster and locks won’t work either, but rear windows roll down. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. E

    2004 1500 Hemi misfires and dies at idle?

    Just purchased a 2004 ram 1500 5.7 and the owner told me about this issue. Got it for a low price cause of this reason. When i start it up and let it sit at idle it throws the rpm’s up and down a bit then misfires around 600 for a little bit then dies. If I keep its rpm’s above 1200 it runs with...
  13. H

    5.7 Hemi "blew up" by dealership?

    I have a 2015 5.7 Hemi with 140,000 miles First of all, I am no mechanic so bear with me. Bought this truck new in 2015, serviced regularly and never had a single issue until about a month ago. The malfunction indicator light came on and I noticed I was getting approx 2.5 MPG less than normal...
  14. Spydieee

    Slimer, project car/truck seeking suspension advice

    Alrighty strangers, I have a project that is a little off-normal. I have this sorta lofty, overlanding, mixed-surface, madmax, houston-streets-capable, buck-wild build that I have been working on for a while now. I have a 98 2wd ram chassis that I'm using as my platform for bringing my 63'...
  15. dwsiddall

    Alarm won't turn off

    2016 Dodge Ram 1500 BigHorn Today when I got out of my truck, as I walked to the store entrance, my truck started randomly honking. Not like the alarm was going off. Just random, little short honks, like when the doors are locked. But it kept doing it. It stopped once the engine was...
  16. J


    My sun roof seems to be leaking in the front corners both passenger and drivers side, After a heavy rain i came out to find my drivers seat wet along with the headliner up by the blue tooth mic and sun visor. Using a flashlight I can see the water dripping in the front corners of the sunroof. I...
  17. A

    Heat is not blowing hot air.

    Hello all. My dad owns a 2019 Ram 1500 and noticed today that his heat is not blowing warm, and it is blowing cold air. It is currently -1 here, but has a feel like of -24 with the wind. This has never happened before, until today.. Anyone know why this is happening?
  18. dwsiddall

    Multi-Displacement System (Cylinder Deactivation) Question

    I bought a pre-owned 2016 Ram 1500 LoneStar Edition and it is supposed to have the Multi-Displacement System and shut down cylinders at highway speeds to save on fuel. My question is, how do I know when it kicks in? Should there be an indicator of some sort? How do I know it's working...
  19. dwsiddall

    Selling my Radio on eBay - How do I find the UNLOCK CODE

    Selling my 8.4" Touchscreen Radio on eBay - How do I find the UNLOCK CODE so that I can provide that to the buyer? Thanks to anyone who can help....
  20. E

    2009 Dodge ram 1500 5.7 Operating Temp Issue

    2009 Dodge ram 1500 5.7 Having issue with truck getting to operator temperature. Truck would only get up to around 180-184 degrees F since i bought it in March of this year. Have replaced coolant temp sensor, and thermostat, used spill proof funnel on radiator to bleed any air out of system...
  21. B

    Check Engine Lights/ electrical issue

    Hey guys, I have a 2013 ram 3500 6.7 with 130,000kms. Has been great but started having issues with a bad turbo actuator, it would throw random codes I ended up reading this was from a faulty turbo actuator. Replaced that with a fleece cheetah, had no issues since but it seems whenever I get...
  22. G

    2013 ram 5.7 backfiring, and throwinf 25 codes

    I bought a 2013 ram 1500 with the 5.7, engine had bad lifter,cam and 1 bad piston and knocked but still ran. It had engine codes for the electronic throttle, trailer brakes, low battery voltage and multiple missfire. So I put in a reman engine, and now the truck no longer knocks. But It still...
  23. A

    Need some questions answered regarding an issue I am having

    Hey y'all. I haven't been on here in a little bit. A wrote this post; https://www.ramforum.com/threads/my-issues-with-the-2019-ram-1500-respectful-concerns.180054/ about a year ago and had once again another issue with the truck. So today my Dad had his truck parked in the driveway, and went to...
  24. 1

    5th gen wheels on 4th gen?

    Thinking of buying 2020 ram 2500 wheels. Lug pattern is same, just curious if 2020 wheels would fit on a 2012 2500 backspace wise etc. ?
  25. Jawsopter

    TPIS Success

    First, I would like to thank everyone that helped in figuring out my TPIS mess. I have a 2011 Ram 3500, and was trying to get my TPIS system to work. Struggled with it for a while then it finally clicked. Anyone who has a Ram 10 - 12 should double check the wiring at the TPMS connector. Mine...

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