INFO - 2013-2018 8.4A /AN FW Notes (RA3/VP3-NA & RA4/VP4-NA & UAx)


Jan 1, 2022
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DISCLAIMER: I am not a coder, developer, software guru, electrical engineer, etc. but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express once!

Since some have had issues with the 4th Gen 8.4 conversion I am looking to gather some details into one thread. I will update as new information is found and posted.

** My plan is to host the software update files for the various 2013-2018 8.4AN's (& 19 classic) so people can update to current versions as needed and make it easier for others to stop chasing down various VINs to get updates **

I am very interested in getting actual P/N's and FW versions from each successful 8.4AN model year (this will help with verifying what we purchase from various vendors and correct FW).

** FYI. The latest v18.45.01 update for ALL 13-17 Ra3 VP3-NA and RA4 VP4-NA radios is in a separate thread at the moment & appears to require SW version 17.11.x or higher **
ROLL-UP INFO: FOTA 18.11.x & uC D/L 18.45.01 SW Update 13-17 RA3/Vp3-NA & Ra4 VP4-NA.

POST 2: 2013 8.4AN (RA4/VP4 NA)
Verified P/N's from members:

- 05091051AA AC AD AE AF AG AI AK

- 68211955AI ... (ebay listing)


POST 3: 2014 8.4AN Firmware (RA4/VP4 NA)
Verified P/N's from members:

- 68224525AA AB AD AE AG AH ZH

POST 4: 2015 8.4AN Firmware (RA4/VP4 NA)
Verified P/N's from members:

- 68238619AA AC AE AF AG AH
A few members had some issues. See post 4.

Post 5: 2016 8.4AN (RA4/VP4 NA)
- Some have had problems with it. Some have had success. Doesn't seem to consistently work in 2013, 2014 & some 2015 trucks. See post 5.
Verified P/N's from members:

- 68258671AA AE AF AG AH

Post 6: 2017 8.4AN (RA4/VP4 NA)
Verified P/N's from members: (need more feedback)

- 68270661Ax AE AF AG AH

POST 7: 2013-2017 8.4AN Canadian Info (RA4/VP4 CA)
- No apps/Cell service = No need for Cell Bypass Plug (but no HD radio).
Verified P/N's from members: SEE the linked post for details. (Some fw links)

Post 8: 2018 Ram 8.4 UAQ & UAS (xxxx)
Verified P/N's

- 68331631AH (UAQ 4c Nav)
or 68331635AH (UAS 4c)

& some limited 2018 Canadian UCx info


POST 9: 2013-2017 8.4A (RA3/VP3-NA)
>> Has several Fw Files <<


Other useful 8.4 AN/VP4 NA/RA4 related thread links:

@ClearlyStabile 's:
Additional (non Ram) UAQ UAS Update Files v28.3/v30.24/v33.02.
>>> May work as non authorized sw update for ram UAx radios. See thread for details (not recommended/mixed results) <<<

- Mpgrimm2's:
DIY: 2013-2017 RA3/RA4 8.4" Radio Upgrade/HVAC Conversion.
Rebuilt from prior deleted threads. Summarizes the useful links, schematics, and parts needed.

- Getupkid's: DIY 5.0 to 8.4 Navigation upgrade (Originial thread - LOCKED. CRITICAL POSTS LOST). Indaram's rollup thread deleted also.

- Uconnect Software update site (if you have a valid model year VIN that matches the model year of your radio).

- Frobozz's: Hacking Uconnect 8.4A and 8.4AN
Useful reference from the Dodge Cummins Diesel forum about getting into various modes, i.e.

* Dealer Mode (Use this to identify your Radio's P/N and S/N !)
.. Hold Hot+Cold+Front defrost buttons for 5 seconds

* Engineering Mode
.. Hold Hot+cold+buttons for 5 seconds

* Screen Calibration
* How to save a screenshot to USBdrive

* Vehicle Shipping Mode (Reference Only, Not recommended)
.. Front Defrost + Browse/Enter for 5 seconds
my '18 ram seems to be stuck at 21.11.11, and I think the P/N is CNSC27N5GL. My picture taking skills cut off part of the label.

I'm going to try and update with '18 files this weekend.

My logic is, the LCD is damaged, so... I can't make it much worse. If it bricks, I'm looking at ~$200 more for the whole unit, versus just the LCD.

EDIT: So, I'm a computer guy. I decided to explore the update a little (22.6). The pubkey file, expires on 2048... I don't think anyone is still going to expect our old head units to work by then but... Actually, second thought, the pubkey file should only have to do with the ability for the radio to talk to the cellular towers, and I doubt ATT is going to support early gen 4G in 2048...
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